How to Treat Mesothelioma Cancer? Treatments and Therapies

Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer that is resistant to usual cancer medications and treatments. However, the treatment option for mesothelioma completely depends on the stage of the cancer that has been diagnosed. Other than being diagnosed with this asbestos cancer, there are other factors to be considered before choosing the way how to treat mesothelioma

  • The amount of space or area being affected
  • Duration of the cancer in the person
  • Age of the patient
  • How the cancer cell looks under microscopic vision

    These are the major points to be taken into consideration before going further in choosing the treatment option of Mesothelioma.

    How to Treat Mesothelioma

    How to Treat Mesothelioma?

    In the medical arena, for now, only three major treatments available for Mesothelioma – Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

    Surgery: Again it is based on the medical condition either of these two types of surgeries can be recommended. One is aggressive surgery and the other one is called palliative surgery.

    Aggressive Surgery: The main reason of aggressive surgery is to completely remove the cancerous part as much as possible which is done through a procedure called “extra pleural pneumonectomy”. Under this surgery, the pleura, the lung, the diaphragm and the pericardium are removed.

    Palliative Procedures: If the mesothelioma is at its final stage or in the advanced stages, a palliative procedure is recommended to keep the patient relieved from sufferings, pains and symptoms. This procedure is given for the patients who are in the matured stage of this cancer.

    Chemotherapy: Drugs are the major means in chemotherapy to treat mesothelioma cancer. These drugs may be administrated in the forms of pills or injections. The results have shown good improvement in the patients’ condition when some drugs were given mixed in some proportion of certain drugs.

    Radiation Therapy: A therapy where radiations are used to destroy the mesothelioma tumor. Though this procedure is effective in removing the tumor, the risks are high due the possibilities of radiation could damage the surrounding sensitive parts of the body. Other than the “tumor spot”, possibilities are there for the radiation to damage the heart and lungs. To overcome this crucial issue, a lower-level radiation therapy is the solution.

    Trimodal Therapy: Trimodal therapy is nothing but the combination of all the above therapies. Two or three of these therapies like surgery following the chemotherapy and radiation therapy is recommended for mesothelioma affected persons. To undergo trimodal therapy one has to be healthy enough to bear multiple treatments.

    Immunotherapy: This treatment is related with biological response modifiers helping the body’s own immune system to resist the cancer. By helping to regulate the metabolic activities which promote the growth of cancer, the immunotherapy prevents the spread of cancer, blocks or reverses the processes that leads to development of cancer, and modifies the cancer cell division. Eventually, this therapy’s aim is to improve the functions of immune system to combat the cancer.

    Gene Therapy: This is another therapy which is an effective way too to treat mesothelioma where genes are introduced into the patient’s body to substitute the genes found in cancer cells or to obstruct the development of blood cells that nourishes the cancer, or to substitute the bad genes that permits the cancerous cells to grow aggressively.

    Through all these above procedures, treatment and therapeutic methods, life expectancy and quality of life of mesothelioma patients can be enhanced. Before choosing an option on how to treat mesothelioma, a deep understanding about the disease, symptoms, causes and possibilities to overcome the sufferings have to be well understood.

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