How to Use a Perfume in a Right Way? The Do’s and Don’ts

Most of us don’t really pay attention to some of the dos and don’ts of perfumes. How to buy the right perfume, how to apply it and where to apply it and why is it such a bad thing for accessories?

Firstly, perfumes are personal but some of the best perfumes may not suit some people as the smell can mix with the body odour and cause a stink rather than a pleasant smell. So, it is a great idea to try some on in the local departmental store before actually buying it.

Let us face it, they are very expensive and nobody wants to be stuck with the wrong one. Always check your skin sensitivity and then the fragrance. Sometimes, we may have to check it twice or thrice before buying it. Only you can tell what is best for you and not the promoter in the store.

Wear the right perfume for the right weather. Using a stong one in summer may have a bad effect as the scent may tend to mix with the body sweat and result in a smudgy odour. So use a strong scent in the winter and use a milder one in the summer.

The strong smell in the winter will mix with the cool breeze. Some use different fragrances for different times of the day like using a stronger version for the evenings only. Wear a mild perfume. We don’t want to get someone dizzy with the heavy fragrance. It is enough if people get a whiff of the scent when we pass by.

Perfumes are meant for the body and not for the other accessories we carry or wear. Many perfumes have alcohol and should definitely be used away from eyes. Our worldly possessions like cellphones and ipods could be in great danger if they have been sprayed with a lovely scent.


Never use the perfume on hair, clothes or jewelry. Perfumes spoil jewelry, stain clothes and damage hair as they are high in alcohol content.

Use perfumes on the wrists but do not rub them together. Apply along the collar bones, on the neck, in the elbow.

Some people even suggest spraying perfume in the air and walking through the cloud to get an overall effect of the fragrance on your body.

To get the maximum effect of the perfumes, layer them. There are several big names that make perfumes, also matching shower gels and body lotions. Use them all in order to get the maximum effect of the fragrance on our body.

For those of you who have a sensitive nose, you could still find a way of using a good fragrance. Spray the perfume on a little away from the nose and make sure to use a very mild one. Perfumes need not bring anyone down with a headache. With a little help and effort, you can always find what works best for you.

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    Hi, This post was very informative. I liked the concept of forming layer by using shower gel, etc of the same fragrance.

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