Indian teens at School

In this modern age, our Indian kids spend most of their time on a day-to-day basis at schools. If not anything related to schools or school-oriented relationships. What is wrong if they are so? might be your question. Nothing is wrong until they are in a better path. Don’t forget that school is a learning campus and they can learn anything. As long as they learn better things that could constitute to their abilities for their future, it is well and good.

Indian teens at School

However, one cannot always expect his son or daughter to be in the right track. A mother says about her daughter, “My daughter goes to school in the morning at 7.30 in the morning and comes back in the evening after her tuition classes”. Almost 9 to 10 hours they spend directly at school. After the school hours, they call their friends over the phone and talk to them for any topic, good or bad.

In public we see our kids say “hi” “bye” to their friends they meet on the way. From where did they get these friends from? Its from school campus or the campus that led to make friends outside the campus. Whatever the case is – 95% of their relationships are rooted from school.

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Now, it is their new-found relationships which takes a major role in moulding their attitude and ability for the rest of their lives. Schools cannot effectively teach about how a kid should think. Though the schools play their part in it, major part is with parents. We could assist our son or daughter to make them think for their life. It could sound funny or very simple but this is the root and simplest way to bring a kid in a better.

Don’t take control over their thoughts instead assist them on how to think for their future. Our teenage kids at school tend to discuss a lot of factors and it is very obvious too. They learn from there without their knowledge – on how to think for their future.

Indian teens at School

Observe them carefully and liberally to teach them in their own way to say them how to think for their future.