Internet Users Cross 100 Million

The biggest information this week has been India’s impressive performance in Internet use. As at the end of September 2011 India crossed 100 million mark of net users. The 100 million mark is considered a critical milestone for the nation. There is the possibility that India is now poised to enter a period of strong growth and the eventual pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- the largest Internet using country.

Connecting people

The annual-cube Report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India 9IAMAI0 and IMRB goes on to predict that India is set to have 121 million users by December 2011. Of these, 97 million will be active users accessing the net atleast once a month. The report also found that of these active users, 48 percent used the Internet at least four or six times a week and 28 percent used it daily. While cyber cafes remain an important area of access, the numbers are steadily falling. Access from home is at 37 percent. This category has grown at the cost of access from cyber cafes and offices.

What is interesting us the rural-urban mix in this 121 million who have claimed to use internet. The report says the bulk, about 92 million, would be from the cities, but the rest are from rural areas. A similar break-up is obvious with the 97 million active users, too. These facts are true indicators of achievement by India in the field of Information and Technology

. Due to this Internet user is absolutely no doubt that India will rule the roost in this field for many years to come.

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