Jewelry Design in India and Jewelry Designer Job Focus

Trend and fashion keeps changing according to the choice and need of the people. Especially jewelry designing requires the frequent updates where people show more interest in showcasing themselves to the update trend and fashion.

Scope of Jewelry Designer Jobs

Jewelry designing is the emerging field purely subjected to the place where creative idea speaks and sparks. Speaking about the scope for the field, the recent survey revealed that jewelry designing market is about to arise as the top career choice by 2015. Jewelry designers have a wide scope of horizon for jobs. There are large noted companies looking for designers who design with great passion. It is the one place where there are more freelancers making huge earnings. Make your own best sample designs, catalogue, and circulate it in the showroom where your creativity can speak about your potential.

A personal experience of a freelance Jewelry designer – in her words:

This is Shiya Sinha – reputed jewelry designer shares space of her career experience.


After my schooling, I started doing Bachelor’s degree in management studies (BMS) at Mumbai University. As I am creative to an extent I wanted to spend some of my quality time in the field of designing. The feminism in me gave the great zeal in learning Jewelry designing. I had pursued 4-months jewelry designing course while I was doing my regular studies.
Neeita Bhosale – a well-known designer tuned the artistic mind in me. This was the very first milestone of my career. This course taught me all the basics about gems and precious metals. I also learned how much gold or silver a design requires. I would prefer anyone don’t get into designing unless you have love for the art and drawing skills.

Jewelry Design Jobs in India

Job Experience

When am working as a freelancer for small unit shops, I keep analyzing the market’s demand, people requirements, clients practicality and preferences. My first designing experience for the shop gave me fruitful experience. I was designing a lovely, unusual piece of necklace as it was the first order given to me by the client. As soon as I have completed my necklace designing, I gave it to the client. On the next day, client pointed out that it was heavier on the one side, so it slips awkwardly on the other side when their customers wore it. I kept my two days of work aside and started to observe where it went wrong. My personal experiences taught me that while you make mistakes learn from it. It will lift you to greater heights one day.

Jewelry Design – Inspiration

For me designing is something very true and unbound love. Inspiration in designing may come from magazines, fabric patterns, ceramic tiles, nature or anything. It is hard to describe how a new design emerges.

Skill Sets Required

The basic skill-set required to stand out in the field of jewelry designing are:

  • Fresh and energetic mind
  • Highly passionate in designing
  • Artistic ideas and innovative style
  • Keeping track of cultural changes
  • Updating to the todays trend
  • Analyzing the market demand

Job Prospectus

Fresher’s can make giant profit if they show great interest and creativeness in their work. It is the best place where more freelancers take the right opportunity to excel in their career growth and also make it a lucrative business. Create a fine catalogue which speaks about your passion towards the designing. Further, I have my own dream of running a jewelry manufacturing unit sooner.

Jewelry Designing and Indian Market

Indians are the world’s biggest consumers of jewelry. Jewelry designing and technology market is growing up rapidly in India. As the business growth of gold, silver and other precious metals keeps going in upward, Jewelry designers are in great demand in India.

There is a wide scope of job opportunities in this world as well. As people always look for new ones to shine, this job needs a technically sound, imaginative, and creative mind. Precision in designing is highly concerned to be gem out of all. Be artistic and explore all your potentials in your profession. Wish you good luck. -Shiya Sinha

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