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In the world almost 90% of the cargo transportation is being carried out only through sea. Raw materials, finished goods and every other cargo are being transported to different nations via sea route. Those who have completed marine engineering course can look for jobs in the fields like ship management, harbor assignments, power plant etc.

Career in Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering Jobs

The marine engineering related courses include – diploma in marine engineering, B.Tech. Marine Engineering, B.Sc. Nautical Science, Diploma in Nautical Science etc. One must have scored 60% or above in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English in their 10th or in +12 exams. Anyone with this capacity in the age limits between 17-25 can do these courses. The most demanding criteria in this industry is the visual capacity that is your eye sight. Before even joining the course, one must poses the eye sight capacity as prescribed by the marine department.

Job Opportunities in Marine Engineering?

After completion of the above courses and obtaining CDC license from the shipping master, the candidate can go for jobs in domestic and international ships and shipyards. Due to increasing sea based transportations and businesses the job market is wide open with good salary and career base.

Not just in domestic job market but promising jobs are available in international markets as well. Marine engineering is not as popular as other courses that youngsters chose to pick up these days but the salary and after course career development to make good future is bright if you have done marine engineering.


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