Job Oriented Computer Courses | Web Designing or Web Development?

Most of the young college pursuing students get this dilemma which job oriented software / computer course can I choose?. Before choosing the right course to study, you must spend some time to think about which course suits YOU? Because no computer course is useless if you are good in it and you carry the basic qualification required for a job approach.

However, it is all matter of what is your end-line aim to choose a course? If you wish to get into job soon or want to find a big job not a matter to spend years to learn something for that choice?

Though there are lot of courses exist to boost your career benefits, here, we just two similar courses are taken into consideration as even many doesn’t know the difference between “Web Designing” and “Web Development”. To make it brief for a better understanding, “Web Designing” is more of art (digital) and “Web Development” is more of technical (software).

Web designers will have to learn to work on multimedia software such as Photoshop, 3D, Maya studio, CorelDraw, Flash etc. where as the web developers have to learn programming starting from HTML, PHP, .Net, ASP, XML, XFBML and so on including basic knowledge of multimedia software having just a working knowledge.

You can do design and development simultaneously. But generally companies take designers and developers seperately.

So if you want to go for development the basics you need to learn are the most common server side languages ASP.NET, JSP, PHP + MySQL.

One cannot narrow it down by asking which one is better from the above three server languages, as all of them are good and all of them have their own area of performance.

PHP + MySQL being the open source is most common platform for development.

ASP.NET is generally used by enterprises. As it has more cost incurred.

JSP is generally used by Banks and or other related firms which needs high data security.

Besides these you can also learn Perl, Python using CGI.

Learning to use C++ is an advantage too but then C++ is generally not used for web development so it is better to select from the above options to choose your course.

Additional knowledge that you need to gain are HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery etc for Front end, however this will come along with any of your web-designing or web development course.

Don’t forget the challenges involved in Web Development that one needs to keep them updated with the latest technologies, which means you can’t stop learning after doing few courses. It is quite interesting for many as they choose web development because of their passion for it.

The above are all common side of a web developer. Specifically, if you want to be a RIA developer, you need to know Flash, Adobe AIR, Flex, HTML5, etc. another platform is Silverlight.

In the due course of your learning the web development program you’ll obviously gather a lot of inputs from your real-time learning experience about where to stop and find a job or you can simultaneously looking for an appropriate job that suits your career dream.

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