Long Distance Relationships Have Stronger Bonds.

A recent study has reported that people in long-distance relationships generally have stronger bond and attraction as compared to normal ones.

Long Distance Relationships Have Stronger

The research team asked to date couples in long-distance and geographically close relationships to report their interactions over different media i.e., phone calls, video chat, e-mails etc.

After a week they concluded that when comparing the two types of relationships, the long-distance couples felt more intimate to each other. This intimacy disclosed two tendencies that long distanced couples disclose and share themselves more as well they idealize their partners behaviour.

Long Distance Relationships Have Stronger

Long-distance relationships have been unexplored for years. Many previous studies have focused on how couples solve their problems such as jealousy, trust etc but long distance relationships are not always problematic.

Some surveys also reports that long distanced couples have equal or even better relationship qualities than geographically close couples.

Long Distance Relationship

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