Merits of e-Banking


Online banking helps you carry out your banking activities through online banking gives you more convenience that you can access your bank account from where you are. You need not travel long or wait for hours for banking. For e-banking all you need are an internet connection to the electronic device. The device can be your pc, laptop or mobile phones which adds mobility to your convenience.

Merits of e Banking


Most statements and other documentations are done through online. e-Banking is paper free that moat legal statements are done through online. This all over again helps to reduces the charge of the online bank. As an additional benefit this constructs online banking a immense environmental preference


To run an E – bank there is no need of cost associated with running. Yet again, owing to be short of costs related with organizing an online bank, it adds benefit to the user, more interest charges are often offered for their financial records.


Online banking helps the user to monitor their transactions from the place where there are. Their account history can be verified from anywhere anyplace at anytime. This is the fastest and easiest way to check whether a transaction is cleared in your account. It also let you to come across out about unauthorized transactions more promptly and help you to resolve the issues more promptly.


Any amount that you want to add up in your account can be added directly without any deviation. Any external money, such as the salary etc., can be directly deposited into your account by the company by transferring the money to your bank account. This is a twice over benefit, as you don’t have to seize the time to deposit the check by standing for hours.


Bill payments are made with no trouble through E – banking. Monthly bills are paid automatically; Bills can be paid smartly with no time limits. Through online banking you need not wait for due dates to pay your bills. E – Banking is also stress free as it never closes up unlike the conventional banking that has time limits. You need not worry about the time taken to mail in your sum; you can continue your money in your bank account for some time longer which helps you to earn you a little more interest.


Electronic banking was considered to be unsafe so long, but introduction of different technologies and development in them have resolutely changed that. Hauling large amounts of cash with you where ever you go around is a great thing and become a obsession of the past but now it has been dramatically changed to a small card. It is not safe and now you need not carry amounts with you everywhere instead carry a card that helps you in your money transaction in safe mode. Thus safe banking is complete with electronic banking.

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