Nokia Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 820 | Key Features and Price in India

Charge your Lumia 820 Without Wires

Replace your Lumia 820 cover with a wireless charging shell, and you can boost your phone battery wirelessly – you’ll never need to use a cable or electric chargers again.

Compact Place for Power
Sick of fiddling about with wires and microUSB connectors when recharging? Then slot your Lumia 820 into a wireless charging shell and you’ll never have to bother with them again. Simply place your phone on any Nokia or Qi compatible wireless charger and it will charge your phone automatically. Just like magic.

Nokia Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 820 | Key Features and Price in India

Which shell suits you?
Match your phone to your personality by turning it into a bespoke tailored device. Choose from a range of colours designed to suit your personality or style. So go on. Slip into something more stylish and practical.

Colour co-ordinated
With eye-catching styling and a range of colours, you can choose the shell that best matches your Nokia Lumia 820 – or personality. Different colours to make your phone your own. Compatible across any Qi wireless charger.

Nokia Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 820 | Key Features and Price in India

Product Description – Features

Effortless Charging
Offered in a variety of colors, this functional shell (cover) contains a “Qi” compatible wireless charging coil, enabling a device to charge without wires and without changing the original design of the product. Our range of wireless charging accessories come with a large charging surface which means there is no need for precise alignment between phone and charger.

Wire coils found inside compatible products receive power when they come near charging stations, recharging batteries with efficiency rates rivaling the average wired charger (in fact, it’s over 80% as efficient). Even though the coils and station never actually come into physical contact (as the back cover remains between them), energy flows and recharging happens when the two are in close proximity (typical range of 3mm).

This technology is called “inductive” or “closely coupled” charging. All of our wireless charging products also feature the latest advances in Foreign Object Detection, which means they don’t become active if someone accidentally drops keys, paper clips or any object that’s not specifically designed to be charged wirelessly.

Price: Nokia Wireless Charging Shell for Lumia 820 comes around Rs.1,693. Choose your favorite color and juice up your Lumia 820 at ease.

Source: Nokia

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