Padmanabhaswamy Temple Gold & History of this Kerala Temple

The golden news from India recently is the Kerala based Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) Sree padmanabhaswamy Temple’s Gold. Having discovered and unveiled the presence of billions worth of treasure, it has its worth more than what we could see there. There are many that doesn’t have a calculation of value and can be beyond ones imagination in terms of its historical value and importance being found at the spiritually centered and maintained holy place, the temple of Hindu God Lord Vishnu.

Here is the brief history of this beautiful temple.

  • Temple belonged to Tamil Ay Kings, who ruled the southern parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
  • Mention of shrine in 9th century records
  • Only from 14th century we have official records of temple
  • Tamil Ay’s then started declining in the century
  • New kingdom of Venad emerges
  • First kind Marthanda Varma (1729-1758) donates all riches to Padnamabha and ruled as ‘Lord’s agent’
  • Varma renovates shrine. Brings 12,008 Salagrama stones from banks of Nepal’s Gandhaki river
  • 18-foot idol made using these stones strung together using unique Ayurvedic mix
  • Deity reclines on the serpent Anantha
  • Padmanabha Swamy Shrine is one among the holy 108 Divya Deshams

Though the recent discovery of treasure from the temple with golds and other valuable ornaments has its value there are other criteria which makes the value worth more than what one can put on paper for the following reasons.

  • The Heritage value
  • Antiques worth much more in the international market
  • Some of the gems and jewellery could be priceless
  • Evaluation by global experts could step up the valuation of the treasure trove

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