Praja Rajyam – Chiranjeevi Joins Congress

Praja Rajyam Chiranjeevi

On Sunday, the Praja Rajyam Party founder and leader Chiranjeevi announced his decision to join hand with congress party in Andra Pradesh. The party was started 2 years back (30 months over) with a huge fan following the leading actor of Telugu cinema. The merger of PRP (Praja Rajyam Party) with congress would give a […]

Valentine Week List 2013

Valentine Week List 2013

Valentine Week has 7 different and special days. Each day has a different sense and an event. Go Here to Get the Complete Valentines Week List: Valentines Week List 2013 Have a Happy Valentines Week

Free SMS from Ways2sms – Login

Free SMS from Ways2sms Login

For the Valentines Week each day has got a special reason to celebrate to reach your loved one so closely, isn’t it? Why waste money on your SMS from mobile. Just login into and make your FREE registration to send any number of text messages to anywhere in India. It has been posted on […]

Rose Day Special – Send SMS and Greetings

Rose Day Special - Send SMS and Greetings

Kick start your Rose Day on February 7th on Monday this year. Send SMS and greetings to wish your loved ones. Rose Day is popularly celebrated only in India to welcome the Valentine’s Day. From 7th till 14th of February is the Rose Day. Young celebrations across the borders all over India takes its blasting […]

What Is Bounce Rate? Is it Good or Bad?

Bounce Rate it is Good or Bad

Bounce Rate? If you have your google analytics account related to your website to get to know your traffic details, you must be seeing “Bounce Rate” with the percentage given next to it. Many basic users, learners tend to skip the deep details given down. You can go through the other details given in your […]

How to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

How to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

Five Best Proven Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site 1. The blog must have unique and high quality content. Including Google, all search engine likes only unique and fresh content on a website or a blog. To get high and consistent traffic, you must only depend on search engines everyday. Last month I […]

Affiliate Marketing – Learn It Now!

Affiliate marketing

Are you prepared to earn some extra cash every month? Or you can even replace your regular income, working less by making more money. Think its a pipe dream? Think again. All of know that millions of dollars are spent every single day purchasing products and services online. Anyway, do you know that you could […]

Earn Online Through Blog Posts

Earn Online Through Blog Posts

There are several ways to earn through a blog just like a website does. Review writing is another way of making income through blogs. Advertisers need a review writeup for their product or service. You need to write those review for them and you will get paid based on the quality of your review post. […]

Indian teens at School

Indian teens at school

In this modern age, our Indian kids spend most of their time on a day-to-day basis at schools. If not anything related to schools or school-oriented relationships. What is wrong if they are so? might be your question. Nothing is wrong until they are in a better path. Don’t forget that school is a learning […]

HELP! Teenager at Home

HELP! Teenager at Home

If your kids are between 12 and 20, what do you do? Whew! I must hand it to myself – I am survivor! I have survived, relatively unscathed, the Terrible Teens of my elder son and am almost halfway through the younger one’s! And I am living to tell the story! Come to think of […]