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Mary Ann Hoberman is an American writer of children’s books and poems. She is known for her playful rhythms, skilled wordplay and imaginative handling of themes dealing with the everyday lives of children. Hoberman was born in 1930 in Connecticut and developed a love for writing at a very young age. She would often make up rhymes while playing. However it was only many years later after she became a mother that her writing career took off.

Great Story Writer

Mary Ann Hoberman

While wheeling her child around in a pram one day, she came with the lines “All my shoes/ come in two’s”. Soon her poem was ready. It was published in1957in the form of a picture illustrated by her husband, and quickly became a hit. As more successful books followed, Hoberman began to be recognized as children’s writer of note.

She went on to create many works including;

1. The seven silly eaters

2. A fine fat pig and other animal poems

3. The Liama who had no paijama

4. 100 favourite poems


And the immensely popular “A house is a house for me” which won the American Book Award in 1983. Some of her beautifully illustrated books even contain music and clapping instructions Besides compiling anthologies of poems from around the world, she has also authored the popular series titled ”You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You”, which according to a reviewer “ begs to be read aloud”.

Hoberman won the U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate award in 2008.She lives in Conneticut and regularly visits schools and libraries around the country to spread the joys of poetry.

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