Pricey Pixel Buds Is Okay, But Not Excellent: Review

Google offered futuristic promises with its Pixel Buds, unveiled last month, but in real life it has several short falls. Priced at $159 the device cannot be called as terrible headphones, even though it looks good, sounds good and does most of the claimed things.

Pixel Buds

There are certain issues with the Pixel Buds and so it is a bit uncomfortable and disappointing too. Even though it is a product attempting to keep up with the rival product from the stable of Apple, but it is not a forward-looking.

The Pixel Buds don’t come with different sizes of rubber tips and so it does not fit all ears comfortably. Comfort varies from person to person.

It paired with iPhone more easily compared to the Pixel phone. The quick pairing didn’t work as advertised and manually the first try would fail most of the time. The pairing is not seamless.

Even though the ear device looks good but it lacks a luxury feel. At such a high price one surely looks for a high-end earphone.

However, some of the most exciting aspects include its translation feature. It is simply great, but in real-time the translating would be disappointing in a regular conversation. Lot of lag time could be seen between speaking and translating, mostly from English to other languages.

The touch controls on the side are cool and is used to activate Google Assistant, adjust volume and translate different languages. It is incredibly frustrating to know there’s no way to skip to next song.

The noise canceling is okay and can’t be fully canceled, but probably the feature works best for those on whom the buds fit better.

The device is not great in handling bass even though it offers great sound. Everything else sounded crisp and clear, setting it apart from other headphones.

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