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Decades ago, it was typically the father who left home for work while the mother stayed home with the children Nowadays, it is very common that both parents in a family go to work. This is inevitable trend that is not restricted in families with difficult economic situations but also in wealthier ones it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages and that parents must find a means to keep balance between its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Working Parents

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both the Parents Working

It is in no doubt that both parents working bring with it a lot of benefits not only to their children but also the whole family in general. Benefits of two parents working certainly! Are it enables them to maintain professional stamina and can lead to personal satisfaction A stable source of finance is always a foundation of every family’s happiness. . It also allows family to have more reliable and more cost effective health insurance. Children that graduate primary education from dual working families are afforded better secondary educations than those who come from single working families to satisfy the educational needs of the children. They can even send their children abroad for tertiary education.

Though children lack parental care however it can also be an advantage as the self-dependence gained enables the children to have an open mind that helps them to take their own decisions and it teaches them how to plan and implement things in life, it makes them learn how to fulfill their needs individually like they manage to go to school by bus. , make or buy their lunch. It also helps the children to broaden their minds and develop more socialization skills. Most of all enables them to discover their world to get content and happy by finding their place within it. Above all in no doubt that both parents working naturally reduces the burden and stress as it raises the social condition of family making family to be strong and steady in all aspects.

On the other hand, this trend, however, has significant drawbacks financially speaking; it also takes money to work. When you add up the costs of transportation, work clothes, incidental expenses and childcare etc., both parents are too busy and concentrate too much on making money,. their children are often lacked of necessary supports and supervision Without parent’s supervision, children will be very likely to take on bad habits which is harmful for their health Usually they do some minor crimes for getting money gradually they take drugs as alcohol and cigarettes out of peer pressure. They spend a lot of time in playing games they become Internet addicts. As the Internet is a limitless source of information The children may have access to pornography and it may corrupt their mind… both parents busy in their schedule are unable to provide the time and energy necessary for their children to participate in extracurricular activities Moreover without parental guide the tend to neglect their studies there is an alarming issue that less and less close conversation have been made between children and the other family’s members, many children feel lonely even in their own home.

There are many angles to debate the issue of whether it is better for a family to have two working parents than it is one in conclusion the idea of both parents attend in professional work cannot be changed nowadays rather they must find a medium to balance their work and the family so their life runs smoothly and their children will be given satisfaction in both material and mental lives.

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