Pros and Cons of Love and Arranged Marriage in India


In love marriages, the onus of choosing a spouse completely rests with the bride and groom. Love marriage is a legal right for two individuals who care and love for each other to live together and go ahead with their life. Whether the marriage turns out to be successful or a failure, the partners have no one else to blame.


Pros of Love marriage
Love marriage these relationships are a result of blood chemistry between two individuals. . Such marriages have a good chance of success because they arise from mutual attraction. In love marriage, you know each other well they are based on the principle of individual freedom. It is a seed of mutual understanding among couple. The Bond of Love will be very strong. Both feel comfortable with each other. This creates a Bond between religion, caste and creed. There is no compulsion or stress involved. Above all Love marriage is that you are going to live your life with a person who you know well and you are sure that you can get along well. Love marriage scores more than arranged marriage in this case.

Cons of Love marriage
Love marriages are successful only if a person has chosen wisely .Most love marriages are unsuccessful in India. If any dispute and ego clash happen then nobody is responsible for solving the problem. Even parents are not intended to solve the problems as the individuals choose their way of living. When the novelty wears off, the partners begin to lose interest in each other and try to broaden their horizons with new love interests. Any one of those (couple) have seen and found having some intention or wanting which may not fulfill after marriage, what they thought.

Love Marriages may be fruitful, but somehow they have suffered a lot from their parental, social, and cultural status and activities for a long time.

There are mismatch between social status, educational qualifications, financial resources and life’s goals and aspirations of the two individuals, which after some time becomes a cause of friction and eventually leads to divorce.


Most of marriages in India are arrange as compared to love marriage. Arrange marriage is more stable then love marriage. Probable reason in arrange marriage is to resolve any dispute by elders.

Pros and Cons of Arrange Marriage

Pros of arranged marriage
The arranged marriages are successful for some reasons. . It helps to create a new relation and keep our social respect in the society. Both sides are helpful for any good/bad causes. In arranged marriages, the girl is more protected as the parents care for a girl who married according to their wish. Both; couples will not to be fear or to take risk over self. the married couple could resort to their parents or acquaintance at the time of financial crises or other problems If any dispute and ego clash happen the parents do support the relationship and they try their best to keep the relationship live as it is their responsibility too. . This is the reason why arranged marriages are considered secure for the people in India.

Cons of arranged marriage
In many arranged marriages, the parents and relatives are often overbearing and try to force their child into a relationship he or she doesn’t agree with. You don’t know the person or you may even not like the person. It creates many disturbances in the matter of Dowry and Financial Agreements which is happening in many part of world. This can be a very difficult situation that may condemn the partners to living lifelong in a marriage that they are not happy with. Some may just live their life believing that it’s their fate and their parents are happy, but some break up.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage, whatever possibly will be adjustment is the only resolution for the problems in life. So the top secret of a successful married life is adjusting, caring, understanding and loving each other.

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