Rajinikanth’s Health

There were talks all over with percentage of rumors added that Superstar Rajinikanth is in critical situation who was hospitalized admitted in Isabella Hospital, Chennai due to breathlessness and fever. After being admitted for the second time within a week time for the same symptoms, the family and fans were worried about his health conditions. However, the Intensive Care Unit of St. Isabel Hospital, Mylapore, seeing speedy recovery from these symptoms!


SuperStar Rajinikanth

The incident was made hot in media as the then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr. Karunanidhi paid a visit to the hospital. Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush and his wife earlier confirmed about Superstar’s recovery and he is going to be alright soon as he will be discharged seeing his condition better.

Good news to millions of his fans that he is hale and healthy and is taking rest at home as per doctor’s advice. Hearing this good piece of new, fans sure breathed a sigh of relief! Many fans of him across the border offered prayers for his recovery for which his family thanked all those fans and public.

As of now, Rana movie project has started which is Rajinikanth’s next upcoming project for which he is preparing and going on as per the earlier schedules of the movie.

Rajinikanth’s family members have requested his fans and relatives not to visit him in the hospital. His daughter Aishwarya Dhanush said: “There’s nothing to worry. He is perfectly fine. He was hospitalized at Isabel at about 7pm on Wednesday due to fever and allergic bronchitis. Doctors have advised rest and he will be under observation for two more days.”


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