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Samsung is adding another advanced feather in its successful range with a new flagship Galaxy phone –Samsung Galaxy S5. This device is expected to be in the top notch- the best, most dominant and most featured Galaxy phone that was long being awaited for its launch.

The first prominent change that can be noticed in this device is the absence of that glossy plastic back cover peculiar to Samsung phones, which is in turn replaced by the matte finish rear cover. This variation allows having a soft, gentle and velvety touch along with a trendy look. The cover also holds some small dotted pattern, adding to the elegance.

The build up eminence of the latest Samsung galaxy S5 is of exponential quality, though the device contains more of plastic and less metallic addition for its assembling. This makes it relatively low weighted.

The rounded edges make it easy to hold in hands. Though, the designs of Samsung Galaxy S5 are not massively diverse from the earlier editions, but carry minor tweaks. However, it has a water and dust proof design that adds on as an advantage to the user.

The biggest upgrading is accounted to the camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 that is enriched with the world’s fastest autofocus speed of 0.3 seconds united with superior High Dynamic Range (HDR); which is now in the body of the phone.

The physical home button of the device is facilitated with a fingerprint scanner. All a user has to do is to swipe his finger gently on the Home button present below the screen. If the fingerprints identify, the phone gets unlocked.  In function, this works pretty well. Moreover, if the scanner for fingerprint matching is unable to unlock the phone, there is option of entering the Pin number or password, manually. This is accounted to be a fairly decent application that is incorporated in the device.

There are other sensors also, like the heart rate sensor. This is placed just below the primary camera of the phone. It can be easily amalgamated with the S Health app available on the device. To measure heart rate, the user has to place his/ her finger on apex of the scanner. This application also works well, and can be of great utility to the user of the Samsung S5.

In almost every brief, the Samsung galaxy S5 was found to be a superior device that is earning the title of a ‘good performer’. The functioning of applications is smooth, hitches free, with scrolling the device to be a lag free function. The device and its holding comfort is much better than the earlier generations of Samsung devices. Overall, with the improved looks, greater performances and added features, Samsung galaxy S5 proves to be an impressive device.

More can be said about this phone in the coming time with the following reviews; but the initial impression of Samsung galaxy S5 reveals it to be a Smartphone worth waiting for.



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