Samsung Galaxy S5 – News, Rumors & Updates

Samsung Galaxy S 5

If all the news flash from tech world and the rumors that surfaced up in recent past were to be believed, than one thing is for sure, Samsung is all set to revolutionize the Smartphone market. It’s just not upgrading RAMs or improving the processing speed or shipping phones with the latest version of Android. This time it appears be a stepping stone that will just not improve the overall user experience, but will take it to a lever higher.

Yeah! That’s right. Most of you have guessed it right. We are talking about the latest in stores from Korean tech giant; Samsung Galaxy S 5. Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III the company has managed to lure the interest of youngsters and tech world to gossip about its upcoming offerings. But will they be able to live up to their expectations?

Galaxy S 5 – Launch Date

It’s been a while since the company launched its last flagship device Galaxy S IV; which clearly failed to capitalize on the platform established by Galaxy S III. With the competition in current Smartphone market intense then ever has forced the companies to gear up and launch better devices in less span of time. Ongoing talks speculating the launch of Galaxy S 5 to be sometime in the month of January 2014 clearly indicates that even Samsung does not want to leave any stone un-turn in their pursuit of satisfying the growing appetite for latest technology. But it will be hard to say anything at the moment as there is no direct communication from the company about the official launch date of their upcoming flagship Smartphone Galaxy SV.


Galaxy S 5 – Processor

Smartphone users are hungrier than ever. Their appetites have inflated beyond speculation. Most of the devices which are there on shelves of mobile stores are well equipped with high end spec to take care of present day’s needs. But that has not stopped Smartphone users to ask for higher configurations and better processors.


Apple seems to be the 1st company to understand this unstated need and launched a 64-bit chip with their latest offering; iphone 5S. This clearly states that it’s time for Samsung and other rivals to catch up and stay abreast. Most likely, Samsung too will come up with a 64-bit chip with its upcoming device Galaxy S 5. Some are even expecting that Galaxy S 5 will be shipped in 2 variants i.e. regular 32-bit chip and latest in market, 64-bit chip.


Galaxy S 5 – Display

Samsung needs no introduction when it comes to Smartphone phone displays. They have been accentuating the user experience by bringing the photos to life with their sparkling bright displays. Samsung’s Smartphone comes with best displays in market. But this is not the end of it. Rumored Galaxy S 5 is said to feature an eye popping screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. Screen size, which is expected to be closed to 5 inch, will make Galaxy S V to have best ppi ever i.e. 560ppi.


Galaxy S V – Other Specs

  • Android version – Google’s introduction of 4.4 version of Android makes it quite obvious that Samsung Galaxy S V will be shipped with Android 4.4 version; if not higher.
  • Camera – Galaxy S V is likely to come up with 16 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera. Reportedly, Samsung has been working on “optical image stabilization” to enhance the photo taking experience.
  • RAM – Keeping in mind the specs of Note 3, it is speculated that Galaxy S V too will come with 3GB RAM.
  • Battery ­– S V may come with 4000 mAh battery; making it a power house to carry out your all day tasks and ever more.
  • Storage – As it was seen that Note 3 came in 32 GB and 64 GB variants with expandable memory slot, similar expectations are there for Galaxy S 5.
  • Design ­­– It appears to be that Samsung has finally decided to go with metal body over running plastic bodies to make its upcoming device look rich and feel premium is the hands of users. There seems to be a common consent, at least on this point, that Galaxy S 5 will come with an aluminum body.


Galaxy S 5 – Price

It may not be a wise thing to comment on rumored Galaxy S 5 price as of now. There is lot to surface up in the coming weeks. But one thing is quite evident, that this device will surely sit right on the top in terms of pricing; makes it the most expensive Smartphone in the market.


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