Samsung Omnia M Smartphone Released | Samsung Mobiles

When more numbers of android based Smartphones are being introduced in the mobile market, Samsung has introduced its windows based Smartphone – Omnia M. This announcement has come officially from Samsung.

Samsung-Omnia M

The important information about this Smartphone is that this will be operated using Windows Operating System. Omnia M will be operating using Windows 7.5 Mango operating system. This Omnia M Smartphone’s prices are also being announced. You will get this Omnia M Smartphone in 4 inch super amulet screen and visual technology. This mobile has got 1 Gigahertz processor enabling the windows operating system to function smooth and fine.

Samsung Omina M

This Smartphone has got 5 megapixel camera with 0.3 megapixel front camera for video talking facility. 3G network facility can also be availed and used in this Smartphone easily. Omnia M has got 4GB internal memory that comes built-in.

Samsung Omnia M

To use all these features and technology, this mobile comes with 1,500 AMH battery. This battery will have a longer life withstanding with all its multiple features usable. This Omnia M Smartphone is available at a price of Rs. 18,650.00 and the same is available on Samsung e-stores at Rs. 16,400.00.

On the Samsung e-store, when you click on “Where to Buy” button, it has the price for this Smartphone Rs. 16,400.


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