Shashi Naidoo Wallpapers | South African Actress

Shashi Naidoo is a South African actress and a Television anchor who was born on November 7, 1980. She is very famous for her hot shoot videos and spicy poses.

This health conscious young lady attracts many online users into her twitter and facebook accounts. However, the reality of the accounts present on the Internet cannot be verified, many fans follow these accounts on her name.

Here is Shashi Naidoo’s facebook account link:

Shashi Naidoo’s twitter account:

To visit more of her gallery: Shashi Naidoo Wallpapers

View video shoot of Shashi Naidoo video:

Shashi Naidoo dated reality TV contestant Ismail Hendricks, who appeared on the show The Apprentice South Africa in 2005 and married Mark Sandler in December 2009.


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