Shocking Smartphone Warnings

Are you one among those who own a modern smartphone? Are you spending hours of your daily timings on sending SMS, browsing internet on your phone?

Beware of this warning too! If you are spending too many hours on your smartphone, sending text messages and surfing on Internet you have more chances of damaging your eye sight slowly. The recent research reveals that people who have been using the cellphone screen for longer hours have chances to lose their sight from normal.

In New York a recent research from a Eye Medical College on people aged between 23 to 24 of around 250 people brings out this shocking truth. A normal person holds the paper to read about 16 inch away from his or her eyes whereas those who are frequent users of SMS and surfing who tend to see the mobile phone screen most of the hours have to hold the paper closer about 12 inches from the eye point. Some of them even had held the paper still closer about 7 inches to read a paper properly.

It has been found that spending too long towards the cellphone screen might affect your normal eyesight reducing your vision capability. Further, it could cause eye irritation, dryness and vision related problems.

It is up to the cellphone users to be aware about this problem and be in control saving your eye from losing its normal vision. Modern technologies have become unavoidable though health is important too.

Alert your friends on this research and let them be conscious while using smartphones by limiting the usage only if required.


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