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Solarpower Systems for Home Needs

Don’t worry about electricity as solar power extends the helping hand to overcome the shortage at a reasonable and affordable cost. Variety of solar panels for homes are available both inbuilt with equipment and for charging purposes as per your individual need and choice.

In certain areas, especially in India, it is unsure when the power goes and comes again to lighten you up. Life without power is unimaginable of course, but there are circumstance that decides your life and a power cut for few hours can ruin the rest of your career (life).

Here are the detailed reviews of solar power operated equipments that help you out in our everyday activities of life.

Solar Lantern Lamp

Lantern Lamps with Solar Panel

Solar Lantern lamp is available from 3 to 10 watts power. There are two types – CFL bulbs and LED bulbs. This will glow continuously for 5 hours. It has to be charged from the power acquired from the solar panels. The cost of this solar power operated lantern lamp is available from Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 3,500. You will be getting warranty for the solar panel and the battery has to be changed once in two years.

Solar Study Lamp

Study Lamps with Solar Power

You can trust this solar study lamp for an uninterrupted power supply without any fear of getting into darkness while you are sincerely studying for your exams. The inbuilt charger will store enough charge from the solar panel. This will serve you with power for about 5 hours. This study lamp has the facility to dim and brighten up the light levels. This is suitable for those to prefer to study during night and for students. The price range starts from Rs. 3,500, though the price seems to be little high, you can trust this for sure to have uninterrupted light.

Solar Torch Light

Solar Battery Torch Light

This solar torch light looks like ordinary torch light that works with battery. The specialty about this torch light is that you don’t have to depend on solar energy to charge it up. It can be charged from inside the house under the regular electric light. The cost of this handy torch is Rs. 1,150. Comparatively the rate is not too much to complain about.

Solar Garden Light

Garden Light - Solar Power

Solar garden light is opt and useful for those who build house with garden cover up. As per your need this can be stalled anywhere you need inside your garden. When you don’t have electric power this makes the atmosphere beautiful to have dinner in the garden or on top of your house, if you have enough places. Just like neon bulbs this is also available in different beautiful models and shapes. The solar panel is inbuilt inside the light itself from where it gets charged too. The cost of this garden light is maximum of Rs. 4,700.

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater supplies hot water with no difference to the electric water heater. You will get uninterrupted hot water anytime as the solar power is connected to the 100 liter water tank. The heat will be there up to 80 degree Celsius. This is very much suitable and useful for a house having 5 persons at home. The cost of this solar water heater is from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 25,000. 100% you can save the electricity by using this. If you calculate the expenses paid to electric bill having regular water heater added with the regular water heater’s cost, within few years the rate you spend on solar water heater will be tallied.

Solar Charger Controller

Solar Power Charger Controller

Solar Charger controller is a power controller that has the capacity of 40 watts. One fan and five bulbs can be operated using this charger controller. This needs ordinary D.C. supply. Excluding the government subsidy, this is available for Rs. 30,000. If you buy this, you can completely forget the power problem for 30 years for your home. New homes can add up this plan while building your new house.

Solar panels for homes are easily available if you are willing to store the power for your own convenience other than using these solar-powered equipments that are readily available in the market. With no doubt, switching over to the solar power, especially for homes can save not just energy but can give you the light of natural power.