Sony Vaio Duo 11 Specifications and Features | Price in India

Sony who is a superior in tech world over years has come up with the new idea of Sony’s hybrid laptop. Sony Vaio Duo 11 is ultimately designed with striking features. There’s no doubt that it is certainly going to enthrall all tech people who look for compact laptops that can be transformed into tablet. Let’s see Sony Vaio Duo 11 Specifications and Features and price in India.

Design of Sony Vaio Duo 11
Though smart design of Sony Vaio Duo 11 is not seen for the first time, it is making our eyes go wide and wider on seeing its portability and performance. Spring loaded mechanism fed into the Vaio Duo 11 works more flexibly. This Dual purpose gadget can be operated in two modes – making gentle move of the display to make the device as Ultrabook and slided keyboard down for tablet.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Specifications and Features | Price in India

Specifications and Price of Sony Vaio Duo 11

• Sony Vaio Duo 11 is powered by Intel Core i5-3317U processor which works smart enough to the updated technology. Speed of the processor is 1.50GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.60GHz. This processor functions great on high-end applications and on multi-tasking.

• Transformation between Ultrabook and tablet is smooth and very adaptable. You can switch into tab or pc as per you need and convenience. Slider mechanism loaded in the gadget works pretty well and more compactly crafted.

• Both front and back facing HD webcams are equipped to the gadget for video conferring purposes. Volume control buttons are fitted at the back for easy access while on tablet usage.

• Vaio comes with Full HD (High Definition) display with sensitive touch screen which is useful while sliding to tablet. Vaio Duo 11 is also integrated with Intel HD 400 graphics. Pictures and text look vivid and sharp which reveals people its from the hands of Sony for sure.

• Memory capacity of Vaio Duo 11 is 4GB RAM and 128GB is inbuilt in the Vaio Duo 11. As Vaio Duo 11 is light weighted and gentle in handling, panel looks more attractive when device is switched into tablet. Well-built keyboard with strong and small keys which are accommodated to the compact size of the device.

• Duo 11 of Sony weighs just 1.3Kg where the device looks stunningly thin and light. All ports such as HDMI, USB, headphone, microphone, card reader, D-port are all fixed over the sides Power button is also situated at sides.

• Sony Vaio Duo 11 also comes with the attractive headphone which has digital noise cancelling technology. It cuts down unwanted noise signals and outputs clear sound with super-clarity and tone. Especially this technology is very helpful in voice chatting and conferencing calls.

• Sony Vaio Duo 11 idea suit best for business people who wants make their gadget more compact while move out. It is also helpful for teenagers to play as tab for most times as well ultrabook at times. Vaio 11 comes with Windows 8 OS.

Pricing of this dual purpose gadget in India is Rs.89, 900. Though Sony Vaio Duo 11 comes with huge price tag, techie persons loves it for unique design and performancefrom the Hands of Sony.

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