Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields | Channel 4 (Television) Draws 900000 visitors for 1 hour.

What if your eyes go blind and cannot see the world and its happenings? Have you ever imagined? When you see this video completely, it is understood that we had been blind, deaf, dumb not just for a second or few but for a year. Here is the witness how the whole world remained so.

Channel 4 Television, an UK based channel dares to touch and untouched by the rest of this world. Justice delayed is justice denied. Can this video bring the hiding humanity from your within? If yes, that will be the success of the whole team which worked for this Channel 4 Television in bringing out the “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields“.

On the humanitarian ground, irrespective of borders, nation or region, we thank the Channel 4 News for their heroic and daring deed that the rest of the world denied to show or listen.

Note:This video has disturbing images and be sure you are prepared to watch the whole video.


  1. balu says

    pls make any action pls pls

  2. balu says

    pls make any action against rajapaksha

  3. chellamuthu says

    Only one comment:-It is not an only Tamilnadu problem, It is an Indian’s problem.

    • suresh babu says

      ………..Sadham hussain, Binledan, next Waiting list:Rajabakshe?

  4. chellamuthu says

    Pls make the best action to Rajabakshe, example:Sadham hussain, binledan, next Rajabakshe?

  5. suresh babu says

    ………………..Sadham hussain, Binledan, Next Waiting list:Rajabakshe?

  6. Raja.kancheepuram says

    Pls… Namma tamil makkala kapathunga… Pls action edunga… Singalana alikanum..

  7. Raja.kancheepuram says

    Tamil iname aliyattum… Athu varaikum summave irunga.. Action edukathinga… Stupid manmohan singh

  8. P.Manoharan says

    Hang or gun down Rajapakshe & his brother Kothepaya rajapakshe in public who lead the mass killing of civilian they two are modern time Ravanan, please the international community take this issue as serious and punish these two culprit and also take strong action against indian government for their inaction against this mass killing and helping the culprit. Manmohan singh and sonia ghanti also culprit who were the director oft this entire episode

  9. Ramesh says

    First List of War criminals:
    1- M K Narayanan, 2- Sivasangara Menon, 3- Vijay Nambiyar, 4- Satheesh Nanbiyar, 5- Nirupama Rao

  10. Ramesh says

    First List of War criminals:
    M K Narayanan, Sivasangara Menon, Vijay Nambiyar, Satheesh Nanbiyar, Nirupama Rao

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