Sri Sathya Sai Baba Trust’s Properties | Report

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is trying to take over Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Trust.

  • 98 Kilograms of Gold
  • 307 Kilograms of Silver
  • 11 Crores 56 Lakhs 47 Thousand and 49 Rupees Cash
  • All the above were found from the three rooms of Yajur Mandir. Yajur Mandir is the place (house) where Sri Sathya Sai Baba stayed in Puttaparthi, having a ground floor and one another floor on top. On the ground floor there was a reception room, next a hall attached with a kitchen, dining room and two more rooms.

    On the first floor, there are three rooms, one hall and a special rooms where Sri Baba to take rest. No one had permission to go to the first floor. Even if VIPs come the meeting would be held only in the ground floor at the reception point. Exceptionally, Sri Sathya Sai Baba had given dinners to some VVIPs and even those were all held in the ground floor. Devotees who have the authority to manage the trust too haven’t had permission to go to the first floor. Sri Baba’s close relative (niece) who is one among the trustees is no exceptional who had gone to the first floor once or twice all these years.

    Almost, close to 2 months after Sri Sathya Sai Baba passed away, on June 16, 2011 the Yajur Mandir was opened in front of Government officials and trustees. Most of the trustees have gone to the first floor the first time on this occasion where the security systems were all tightened by “biometric” locks and it is there they found 11 crore rupees in cash, 98 Kgs gold, 300 Kgs of Silver etc. They state that it was similar to Tirupathi Hundi.

    The officials who have entered the Yajur Mandir at 10 a.m. have been listing the properties inside till 8.30 p.m. Later in the evening, the officials of State Bank of India were called to deposit the found money in the bank account. Gold, Silver and other documents were sent to bank locker.

    It didn’t end up there as again on July 2, 2011, the officials found 906 grams of gold, 116 kilos of silver and other valuable stuff summing up about Rs. 77 lakhs. Now, the question arises, how these were present from the same place which was completed listed and carried out into bank accounts. As the process goes on, the Andra Government has decided to undertake Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram.

    Listed properties of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram:

    • Sri Sathya Sai University Campus
    • Institute for Higher Medical Education having 220 bed facility
    • A museum named “Saithanya Jothi” for world religion
    • One Planetarium
    • A Railway Station
    • An Open Stadium
    • An Indoor Stadium
    • An Airport
    • A digital Radio Station by name – Sai Global Harmony
    • A specialty hospital in Bangalore
    • Chain of Eye Hospitals and Pharmacies across the country
    • Prasanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi
    • Brindavanam in Bengaluru
    • Sai Shruthi Ashram in Kodaikanal
    • 1300 Sai Baba Centers around the world
    • 33 schools including foreign countries

    Now the Government of Andra Pradesh has taken steps to undertake all the Ashram properties. Let the properties be wherever, however, the social service contributed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba should continue without any halt, which is the public’s expectation. Because, laying uninterrupted drinking water projects to 710 villages, donating Rs. 200 crores to Chennai for Krishna river project, free heart operation for more than 4 lakh people and similar number of services is not an easy job even by a government which was done by Sri Baba. For whatever reason if the services rendered to the society by Sri Baba halts, there is no more harm one can do to this great soul.

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