Tablet PC Versus Laptops

Tablet PC versus Laptops: Tablets are predominantly designed to be the bridge between the mobile phone and laptop but definitely not to replace the laptop or computers. The same ways as how laptop cannot “completely” replace the desktop. If you see at the operating systems of mobile there are only three real players: Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS. Other two operating systems for mobile are WebOS and BlackBerry but both of them are losing their popularity where the WebOS is almost at lowest in percentage of use. These platforms are used well both on tablets (not Windows Phone 7 yet) as well as on Smartphone and they quite sync well with each other.

Advantages and Limitations of Tablet PC and Laptops

difference in tablet pc and laptop

So, it is technically understood that tablets cannot be more successful than laptops but it is definite that tablets make certain things easier however the common desktop or laptop cannot be washed out really as it is still a necessity if you need true processing power in accomplishing tasks like graphics rendering, programming, software engineering, etc.

Tablets has the convenience of portability and easier to take around for personal or official use. For students to take around in their college campus tablets are comfortable than a laptop or a computer. But once you are back home the laptop or desktop becomes the primary system for everything however your tablet information can be synced to your system (laptop or computer) so that you can always rest peacefully having a backup if something happens to your tablet memory.

The advantages of tablet over laptop are always concerned with ones’ need. Today there are a lot of people who never care owning a laptop as a Tablet PC covers their need though they have certain limitation but the users’ need might be accomplished within the limitations. If a huge screen or a gaming level graphics support is your need then a laptop could be the choice. On the other hand if you need a mobile computer to use while standing, walking, lounging etc, only a Tablet PC can accompany you for your needs. In meetings or in classrooms to make drawings, take notes, markup documents, scribble items etc without any doubt Tablets are the device that suits your requirement.

No confusion over Tablet PC versus laptops as Tablets are just PCs without mouse and can be operated through touch-screen monitor. In terms of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) a Tablet PC can replace your laptop which is smaller than notebook and is a portable computer but knowing the advantages of its portability its obvious that it has got limitations too. Back home it is laptop that can fit your needs, surprisingly the wise use of both tablets and laptop can secure your data and both can act as backup devices and keeping your day worry-free.