Baby Care Tips for Moms

Baby Teething Fever – Swollen gums, fever and cranky behavior can be some signs that your baby is suffering from teething fever. Studies have revealed that teething is one of the major cause of ear infection in infants. Rubbing ice or frozen cloths on swollen gums will provide some relief to the baby. Chicken Pox […]

How to Care for Infants

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Parents are likely to ignore certain medical problems in their babies considering them to be natural or part of baby’s growth. At times it proves to be dangerous for the babies. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of such problems. Baby suffering from this disease is like to have Mucus passage, green […]

Buying Baby Accessories

How to Choose Safe Baby Toys– Searching online is the best and the most convenient way of choosing safe baby toys. Toys with sharp edges should be avoided. Try not to buy toys with buttons instead, buy single piece toys. Check the material used in toys before buying any. If possible, get organic toys. How […]