Teacher-A Living Example | A Successful Teacher

The following are considered the personal traits of a successful teacher:

1. Complete self- control not only to the extent of not showing any anger,but remaining absolutely quiet and undisturbed under all circumstances.

2. In the matter of self-confidence,must also have a sense of the relativity of his importance. Above all, must have the knowledge that the teacher himself must always progress if he wants his students to progress,must not remain satisfied either with what he is or with what he knows.

Teacher Teaching


3. Must not have any sense of essential superiority over his students nor preference or attachment whatsoever for one another.

4. Must know that all are equal spiritually and instead of mere tolerance must have global comprehension or understanding.

5. “The business of both parent and teacher is to enable and to help the child to educate himself,to develop his own intellectual, moral,aesthetic and practical capacities and to grow freely as an organic being, not to be kneaded and pressured into form like an inert plastic material.

There is no better lesson than that of an example- to tell others; ‘Do not be selfish,” is not much use,but if somebody is free from all selfishness,he becomes a wonderful example to others;and someonewho sincerely aspires to act in accordance with the Supreme Truth, creates a kind of contagion for the people around him. So the first duty of all those who are teachers or instructors is to give an exampleof the qualities they teach to others. And if, among theses teachers

and instructors, some are not worthy of their post, because bytheir character they give a bad example,their first duty is to become worthy by changing their character and their action;ther is no other way.

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