The Sex Education Show! Sex education facts & benefits

Today, any society in the world which is intended or interested to move towards the globalised culture, in terms of politics, education, business, economy or anything that would benefit an individual from the world must accept and know certain facts that can keep yourself confident across the globe for generations.

The word “Sex” has been read as a word of temptation to many and for others it is sin or crime. Is it so? Yes and No are the answers with given conditions. Yes – because anything that goes against the human acceptance and human interest in common is a crime (in terms of law) and sin (in terms of culture/religion). No – because anything done with a social acceptance should not be harmful.

The Sex Education Show! Sex education facts & benefits

When we talk about the need for “Sex Education“, the society has to be taken into consideration in an equal percentage along with personal benefits. Putting in simpler terms, from a social perspective, the sex education is must in an appropriate level to teach your kids and youngsters in general about how you will be trapped down for the sexual benefits of others. Let your kids, especially growing kids from Indian society that has a great controversy between cultures and modernity should understand the difference between a sexual attraction and gender attraction.

These term, sexual attraction and gender attraction might sound similar but has got a difference to teach your kids when you start your initial advice about social ethics and personal care to them. Both these attractions can be obvious and scientific but the consequences and impacts on it might lead to different roads. Sexual attraction can be merely physical attraction where as the gender attraction which is common is an attraction towards the opposite personality (physical attraction includes in it but that will not be the only reason).

The Sex Education Show! Sex education facts & benefits

It is very true that both the genders have to be taught with sex education to bring a healthy individual to survive in this multi-cultured world of needs, happiness and satisfaction in a society like India, the consciousness for the need should arise from women. Girls and women are largely affected because of sexual assaults, harassment and ill-treatments.

Could this education stop the sexual assaults on women? Yes, because learning the motive of the opponent can give more chances and strength to avoid the situation or to win over it. Most of these happenings occur in decent environments and in cultured societies, we call them literally cheating, however the term “cheating” here is different. Many love failures ends up after physical abuse which brings a clear message that physical attraction has taken its journey under the binding of love and it is accomplished. Who is the loser? Can be the boy (not is most cases) or girl, finally who hasn’t understood the motive of your “partner” (the opponent) is lost.

The Sex Education Show! Sex education facts & benefits

The sex education is not just a topic around the bed if someone who is against sex education is thinking about. The importance of sex education itself is to let know the growing generation that sex should not just evolve around the bed. Sex is not merely a physical satisfaction and enjoyment. It is a bliss accepted, agreed, enjoyed between two personalities (who is cultured about the consequences and comforts of the act).

To live a healthy sexual life, both the boy and girl should be aware about how hygienic are they. To avoid unwanted or distractions in society one must be well aware about the senses and motives of others. For example, in schools, even if a teacher touches a girl somewhere on her body which is unwarranted, she must be aware about the intentions; for which she must had been taught about it. Further, she must have enough freedom and liberty to express or share these suspicious happenings with her mom on a day-to-day basis whenever such things occur but not on a delayed stage where she has already disturbed, mentally.

The Sex Education Show! Sex education facts & benefits

Other than the above discussed safety measures and cleanliness it is a knowledge that everyone must learn about. Girls have got a lot to study about than boys as the responsibilities and consequences are more with girls.

In an another different article, let me share a few examples from the sex education show and discuss the need for sex education and how beneficial it is for a healthy living. Let us show to the future generation the importance of human care through sex education for a better care of their future, because many youngsters have a doubt to themselves, “am I normal?“. This is because, they need a scale to measure their level of healthiness to move around with their co-mates and friends confidently.

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