Time Management – A Valuable Lesson for Our Kids

“Time and Tide waits for no Man” – goes the famous saying. Therefore, Time management in today’s fast paced world becomes not only essential but also mandatory. We as parents have to juggle a lot between our household chores, office work, social and religious obligations and the most difficult of all managing our children’s routine of feeding them, homework and assignments, tantrums and other needs. We, as adults try  too hard sometimes to match up with the ups and downs of our kids activities and we get too panicky when our little ones seems to move in snail’s pace.

Time Management for Kids

Many children take too much time to do the basics too like get up from bed, finish their homework, eat, sit in front of the TV for hours together and come with projects and assignments at the last minute forcing us to change our plans of  dinner or work commitments. Result is we end up behind schedule, over stressed and totally out of control. We need to ask ourselves one question . Are we teaching our kids how to manage their time? I am sure most of would answer in a “No”. How does one tackle this problem then? Time management is a valuable lesson we need to teach our kids early in life. A kid is said to have the best memory when he is Three. So it becomes imperative that we imbibe the value of time management as early as that even sooner. Our kids have to get accustomed to keeping pace with time sooner or later they have to face a deadline be it a project at school, an assignment in college or a presentation at work place. Therefore, as parents we need to inculcate the foundation for a disciplined life where making a daily routine and sticking to it religiously is very important.

Time Management

Useful Tips for Time Management

  • Don’t spoon-feed your kids. It is their daily routine let them make it. Just guide them, to make sure their routine contains reading time, homework, play, fixed TV time etc.
  • If your kid has difficulty in switching from one task to another, try to limit the number of  activities. Gradually introduce more tasks later.
  • Always motivate them for a task well done or finishing work on time.
  • Make sure your kids plays outdoor. It gives them a chance to mingle with other children, work in teams and most importantly provide a break from our technical life surrounding computers, playstations etc.
  • Make it clear that you are going to very strict about finishing  the task on time. Help only when asked.
  • These days our search for knowledge starts and ends with search engines like google.com. Though it is easier for everyone – both parents and children to do assignments and projects together visiting libraries, searching for news in the newspaper, subscribing to good magazines.

Time Management A Valuable Lesson

  • It is imperative for each parent to listen to our children, sometimes all they need is some alone time with us.
  • Make sure your kids are paying attention while you give him or her instructions.
  • Last but not the Least Make exceptions. Don’t treat kids like robots they need to have a schedule but sometimes they need to be set loose to enjoy life too.

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Time Management

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