Tips for Nail Designs on Wedding


Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding is all about celebrations. It is the end of one phase of life and the inauguration of a new and exhilarating chapter of life. Every bride wants to look perfect and at their best on this particular day. On the wedding day, the bride is being noticed from her head to toe ,be it her hairdo or her hands or even toe nails, and that too by her groom as well as by everyone present in that special event. On such a special day of life, you cannot leave your nails with no grace, as that will eventually add to the beauty of your hands.

You can opt for nail art with different shades of colors and designs to get a complete look. Here we suggest you with some nail designs for wedding day that will complement your dress and appearance. One must get these exclusive nail art done by someone professional or expert to get a modern and stylish look. Let’s start with some stunning wedding nail designs. These designs are not only striking but are classic too. We hope that you will like these designs.

Glittering French tip:  this is elegant nail design that can provide a traditional glimpse to your nails. Better suited on long nails, the tips of the nails is painted or added on with nail jewelry after applying a base coat of light color.

Glittering ombre nails: Sprinkle a speck of glitter or alternatively, sparkly eye shadow only at the tips of your nails and diffuse it downwards to give a sparkling appearance. Remove excess with a  Q-tip

Lace nails: it is advisable to take professional help to get this lacy design on the nails.

Rose gold glitter: use the glitters and stones to design your nails in the various beautiful ways.

Mixed metal manicure: this is a simple but stylish nail design.  Apply a base coat of metallic golden. Cover part of nail using a tape and apply coat of glitter over the rest. Remove tape and get a stunning design.

Tarnished copper nails: use of various shades of metal colors dabbed with the help of sponge can create vibrant nail designs

The choice of colors is also equally important. There are a range of colors that can be used to paint your nails.

Red: red color is an all time favorite and is never out of trend. It gives a classy look to your nails.

Pink: this color can go with any dress. It gives a delicate look and enhances the beauty of the nails.

Golden: this color can easily relate to a bride and looks exceptionally unique when done along with a red

or black colored outfit.

Silver:  Glittery silver nails are all that is needed to complete the look.

There are numerous added elements that you can be tried in the wedding nail art which are pleasing to the eye and also enhances your look. The finest options are the beads or jewel stones on nails to make them look shimmering and beautiful. You can choose them as per your needs and likes.

Few Nail art designs:

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