Types of Diabetes | Diabetic Testing Methods

Know the types of diabetes and treatments as the alarming point has already been reached due to diabetes to take proper daily care to your health and fitness. Diabetes won’t trouble you further if proper and adequate care is taken having better knowledge about what the problem you really have.

Diabetic Testing | Treatment Methods

Types of Diabetes

The causes, consequences, and treatments are not the same for everyone as the types of diabetes differ. There are two types of diabetes –

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Diabetes mellitus – which is also called as “Type 1 Diabetes”. This is mostly observed among the children than the elders and is caused due to insufficient production of insulin in one’s body. Insulin is very important to keep our body-sugar under control. After we consume food, this insulin will get segregated automatically and thus saturating the glucose level in our blood. In case if there is no segregation of insulin in our body the glucose content will be increased leading to many problems.

    Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus or Type 1 Diabetes:

  • The treatment includes taking up of insulin whenever the sugar content increases in our body
  • At the same time we should see to that the insulin we are taking in should not exceed to a higher level
  • Higher or over consumption of insulin would lead to death
  • This diabetes mellitus is much popular among children and may last forever.

    Diabetes insipidus – This is also called as “Type 2 Diabetes”. This is caused by the disorder of the pituitary gland which induces the body to produce excess amount of urine. This type of disorder is much observed among elders than the children. This type of diabetes usually affects person aged over 40 and is widely observed in India than any other country. This type of diabetes will not have any severe signs leaving the affected person unaware of their disorder. Hence frequent checkup should be carried out in order to stay away from these types of disorders.

    Treatment for Diabetes Insipidus or Type 2 Diabetes:

    There are treatments available for this type 2 diabetes but they will be carried out step by step as follows

  • The patient will have to undergo weight reduction process, a diabetic diet and regular exercise
  • Suppose if the above carried out treatment doesn’t work then they will have to carry out oral medications
  • Again if the oral medication fails to reduce the elevated blood sugar then the patient have to carry out insulin medications
  • Symptoms of diabetes insipidus:

    The one who is affected with diabetes insipidus or the type 2 diabetes will have the following symptoms

  • Elevated amount of sugar in their urine
  • Vomiting sensation
  • Heavy weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Skin, bladder and vaginal infections (for women)
  • Blurred vision
  • Steps to find out this diabetes on our own:

    There are many procedures through which we shall find out this diabetes but these the following are the most popular and mostly used ones-

  • Testing strips
  • Testing discs
  • Glucometer
  • Testing strips: This is just like a strip on which one who wants to measure their glucose level have to place their drop of blood. This strip contains some element which will start working with the blood sample resulting in the glucose level of that particular blood sample. This has to be used only once and have to be thrown away after use.

    Testing discs: This testing discs works on the same principle as the testing strips but can be used many times.

    Glucometer: This is a medical device used to measure the glucose level in the blood

    Whatever the types of diabetes, there are many other diabetic testing kits available in the market. One who wants to find their diabetic status shall very well buy those and can check on their own.