Understanding What to Eat | Pregnant Care Advice

Pregnant woman has to take special care on diet for the first six months of pregnancy. Unlike normal days, she has to know what to eat. Pregnant care must be followed systematically. Always remember whatever you take in these six months will have a very good effect on your baby’s future.  Here is the healthy diet for pregnancy

healthy diet for pregnancy

Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

Follow these diet plans during your pregnancy period to keep yourself healthy and fit –

  • Eat Milk and Dairy Products: Consume skimmed milk (milk with fat removed), buttermilk, yogurt (fermented milk product), since these are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B-12
  • Take Vegetables and Fruits:  These are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Consume Sea Foods: Take sea foods like fish – added also consume foods like meat and poultry
  • Take Enough Fat: Have limited amount of fat in your daily food. Avoid ghee, butter, coconut milk, vanaspati, dalda and oils since these contain high level of saturated fat. Instead, take vegetable oils since they are unsaturated one.
  • Fluid: Drink lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Also, make sure that the water you consume is boiled and clean since unhygienic  water may bring many disease to your baby

On an average, a pregnant woman requires approximately 2500 calories each day. Hence it is very essential to consume the following in order to keep your baby healthy. It is enough just knowing what to eat; pregnant woman has to follow it too –

  • Protein foods like fish, meat, eggs and beans contain 10% of calories
  • Ingredients added in food like butter, oils, dairy products and nuts contain 35% of calories
  • Carbohydrate foods like bread, rice, corn, pasta, potatoes and other grain product contains 55% of calories

Essential acids and respective foods

  • Folic Acid: During the first three months, a pregnant woman needs folic acid in the first three months and fruits, green vegetables, orange juice, peas and rice have good amount of folic acids in them.
  • Iron: Iron is very important since a pregnant woman now carries another person in her. She will require additional blood supply than usual as the little one in her placenta needs blood. Therefore make it necessary to take foods like green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, strawberries and breads.
  • Zinc and Calcium: These two are very essential in baby’s growth and it is essential to have zinc and calcium rich food.
  • Stay away from Tea and Coffee: Though many cannot avoid these two, try to minimize if not as tea and coffee will prevent your body from observing iron to your body.

Having quality knowledge about what to eat, pregnant woman can concentrate in other activities as food is not the only criteria to be taken care to keep your baby healthy. Mom has to stay mentally fit which will lead everything else positive. Healthy diet for pregnancy is for physical strength and to prepare you for mental wellness too.

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