WaveMac, A device controlled through gestures and actions.

Here’s a tiny device which is few centimeter in size and brings the world at your finger tips.

Indian students from IIT Kharagpur are developing a device that will help to control electronic devices like PCs, Laptops and even Television through gestures.

A tiny device called WaveMac sensor connects via USB to a laptop or a PC and is controlled through gestures by wearing a small ring cap at the end of the finger. This device works accurately upto 15 feet of distance.

WaveMac, A device controlled

Harshit Shrivastava, one of students behind WaveMac, mentioned that they are planning to launch this device by the end of this year most probably.

WaveMac sensor will be helpful to users in playing games on PCs, opening applications, browsing web and much more. Currently, WaveMac supports only PCs and Laptops, but they are also planning to extend it for televisions to make them gesture controlled.

WaveMac, A device controlled

An interesting news that WaveMac has already put up pre-order pricing on their websites. The basic model is priced at USD 24.99 and the premium model ranges upto USD 59.99

However its great to see Indian talent emerging with such devices in this cutting edge technology.

WaveMac, A device controlled

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