What is Average Blood Pressure | Charts & Details

What is average blood pressure?

An average blood pressure or a normal blood pressure is nothing but the force or pressure of one’s blood exerts on the walls of their blood vessels as it passes through them. When this blood pressure becomes too low or too low then it is an indication of problems. A person is said to have a healthy blood pressure when their pressure range falls within the normal blood pressure range.

What is to Low Blood Pressure

How to measure blood pressure?

The doctors will be using a medical instrument called a sphygmomanometer which helps to read the blood pressure in anyone’s body. This instrument will be containing a fabric cuff that has to be wrapped around the victim’s arm and then have to be slightly inflated. The blood pressure will be measured by a gauge that was attached to the cuff. Then the air will be released from the cuff slowly to read the blood pressure of the victim. This method is normally used although a special machine is available to measure the blood pressure.

Healthcare providers will be considering a normal blood pressure reading between the ranges 120/80 or below. But, however this reading may also fall anywhere in a range between 90/60 to 120/80. The number on the top is the first measurement and the number on the bottom is another measure and the two reading would be normally indicated using a fraction symbol as above. The number on the top of the reading is known as the systolic pressure and this measures the pressure inside the blood vessels at the very moment the heart beats. The number on the bottom of the reading is known as diastolic pressure and this measures the pressure in the blood vessels between heartbeats when the heart is resting.

Hence, it is believed that the normal blood pressure ranges below 120 over 80 i.e. 120/80. People who have this blood pressure are said to be normal and posses a good health conditions. People having normal or average blood pressure will not be having a risk of heart disease or stroke and are said to have a healthy blood pressure.

People having blood pressure reading as 140/90 should take careful steps to bring it down or to stop it further. This blood pressure is not said to be high blood pressure but the risks associated with this blood pressure is very high as it may easily strike the higher rate and may lead to many problems associated with their heart. People who have blood level of 135/85 or 135 over 85 are likely to get a heart attack or stroke at the earliest.

Blood Pressure Chart or Chart for Blood Pressure:

  • 210 – 120 – Stage 4 High Blood Pressure
  • 180 – 110 – Stage 3 High Blood Pressure
  • 160 – 100 – Stage 2 High Blood Pressure
  • 140 – 90 – Stage 1 High Blood Pressure
  • 140 – 90 – BORDERLINE HIGH
  • 130 – 85 – High Normal
  • 120 – 80 – NORMAL Blood Pressure
  • 110 – 75 – Low Normal
  • 90 – 60 – BORDERLINE LOW
  • 60 – 40 – TOO LOW Blood Pressure
  • 50 – 33 – DANGER Blood Pressure

    Symptoms of High Blood Pressure:

  • Stressed
  • Sedentary
  • Bloated
  • Weak
  • Failing

    Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure:

  • Weak
  • Tired
  • Dizzy
  • Fainting
  • Coma

    What is low blood pressure?

    Many people panic when they find out their blood pressure to be low. But this is good news since having hypotension (low blood pressure) will reduce the risk of stroke or heart disease. But, this depends only on certain conditions and may cause several problems when the condition is very worse. It might be necessary to consult a doctor if your blood pressure falls incredibly low.

    How to find a low blood pressure reading?

    It is said to be low blood pressure when the reading attains the level of 90/60mmHg, or lower. If the top number is 90 or less, it is said to be low blood pressure and the bottom number can be discarded. Similarly if the bottom number is 60 or less, it is said to be low blood pressure and in this case too the top number has to be discarded.

    Normally, low blood pressure is not considered dangerous but in those cases where you feel dizzy and find your blood pressure dropped suddenly without any cause may be a problem and you may have to consult with your doctor.

    Causes of low blood pressure:

    Some people will be having low blood pressure by nature. There will be no specific reasons or cause for their low blood pressures. However, some of the health conditions or medicines may lead to low blood pressures.

    Hence, before asking what is average blood pressure, it is necessary to read the blood pressure chart and follow accordingly. Low pressure is not a concern in most cases and will not require any treatments unless specified by a doctor.

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