What Is Bounce Rate? Is it Good or Bad?

Bounce Rate? If you have your google analytics account related to your website to get to know your traffic details, you must be seeing “Bounce Rate” with the percentage given next to it. Many basic users, learners tend to skip the deep details given down. You can go through the other details given in your Google Analytics account. Under the “Site Usage” column, the following details are given:

Number of Visits
Number of Page Views
Number of Pages/Visits
Percentage of Bounce Rate
Avg. Time on the Site
Percentage of New Visits

Bounce Rate it is Good or Bad

What is Bounce Rate Percentage?

Now, here I am writing only about “Bounce Rate” percentage as most of the other details we will be able to know what they are. Bounce Rate percentage is about how many visitors have left your page abruptly from the blog/site. For example, if you are having a website about photography. Through search engine, suppose that someone has come to your website for a keyword “lighting techniques”. But if the visitor, after visiting that particular page on your blog, just closes the page and skips your blog or website. This is called a Bounce.

Why does Bounce Rate Increase?

Suppose that your blog is about “painting” but someone has landed on your page for the keyword “lighting techniques” who is searching about photography. Its very obvious once if the visitor is not finding the article on the blog related to his search, he has to close your blog. This is the reason why the Bounce Rate increases. The tags and keywords should be related to your post so that the visitor spends some time on your blog exploring your site.

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate?

As told earlier if the tagging and keywords are related to your post/article on the blog, visitors will explore your site and stay for a higher period of time on your blog which increases your chances of traffic reducing the bounce rate.

Average Bounce Rates

Though there is no steady bounce rate preferences, as it changes on a daily basics or even hourly basis, on my personal opinion it is good to have the bounce rate under 35% for beginners. Don’t get scared if at times the percentage goes up over 50% or even higher. Try to post relevant keywords and tags on your landing page. This will make the visitor to explore your page instead of skipping your blog.

Bounce Rate

What do I lose if the Bounce Rate Goes Up?

For example, you are promoting your website or blog through AdWords for which you have paid for every click. When a visitor clicks on your blog/site for a particular keyword, your payments get detected from your AdWords account where as the visitor gets disappointed and closes down the website skipping from the page. Obviously, you are losing your money by giving out wrong keyword or by bringing them to a wrong landing page.

Try to give relevant keyword, relevant tag, relevant post and relevant landing page. This will not only decrease your Bounce Rate but will increase your traffic and being a relevant site, there are chances for repeated visits.

I will write more about how to increase your search engine rankings in my future posts.

Bounce Rate it is Good or Bad