What is BPO? Jobs and Career Tips

What is BPO? Jobs availability through this field is stable? BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A company will outsource its process to a different company or to a different country from where the company can get their work done. Example: A bank operating in UK needs its customer service to be handled by another company from India or their own company having their presence in India. The UK bank will have a call-center in India from where they will be answering to the bank’s customers in UK. Many have a wrong idea about BPO thinking only call-centers come under BPO category.

Other than call-center there are many other types of processes outsourced to different other companies and countries. Call center support services comes under Voice Process the rest comes under Non-voice Process. A company in US might want their data processing work to be completed at a cheaper cost somewhere else in turn they will be outsourcing that process to a country where they can get it done cheaply.

Jobs Seeking Tips and Career Advice

What is BPO jobs seekers’ profile need to be? Not necessarily you need to posses software skills or IT related skills unless certain process demands it. Both technical and non-technical processes are handled by BPO companies depending upon the project outsourced to them. A call-center agent (agent-the person who makes/answers calls in call-centers) will be trained adequately before taking up the job. The process knowledge will be imparted through training sessions.

Work From No Home

Job availability in the BPO market is open for almost everyone from an engineer to a college pass-out with minimum degree. However, the mandatory quality one need to posses in almost 99% of BPO jobs are concerned is English. A good English speaking quality can place you at a better level in your job.

Can you build a career in BPO? To a maximum extent the answer is “NO” as there is no stipulated process in a company that runs for a long time. Even if it does you have all the possibilities to shift over to a better paying company where again the preliminary training about the process will be given before taking up the job. YES – certain processes will help you in building your career but most of them will be under technical criteria.

What is BPO jobs’ offer to me? Or how much will I get paid working in a BPO? The sweet answer is “there is no limit”. However, your talent, skill and quality matters. Since the processes are from Western countries who pay their vendors in dollars and pounds in most of the cases. As the demand for quality personnel to work in the BPOs are in demand the salary level differs from company to company but the payments are in decent figures which goes up to Rs. 50,000 a month or more.

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