Where to Invest Money Wisely in India for Good Returns?

Investment is not just for the wealthy it also serves as a transaction instrument for satisfying present needs. With the caveat, investing your money wisely helps you to be ahead of the curve in case of a panic. There are plenty of amazing proceeds to be made in India for investors which assure safe and satisfactory returns.

Stockpile on Funds

Like stock market, mutual fund investments are also very fluctuating and unpredictable for various market risks but with a fair share of profits. One should select mutual fund schemes based on all or some of the criteria like Long term and Short Term Performance.

Where to Invest Money Without Risk?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is another investment plan that falls under Section 80C of IT Act. The potential investor can create their PPF account in a GPO or head post office or in any sub-divisions of the nationalized bank.

Investing in domestic or Investments in Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) funds is one of the best investment for those who wish to deposit their income accrued abroad and maintain it in Indian rupees. Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) funds are entitled under IT Act. Investors can Invest in Indian financial institutions and Non Banking Finance Companies listed in RBI.

Invest Money Wisely in India

Utilizing Different Plans and Policies

Utilizing different plans and policies provide most satisfactory and risk free profits. Insurance features amongst the most excellent investment alternative as it offers services to assure your life, assets and money. Insurance policies provided by Indian Insurance bazaar offers various investment options with reasonably priced premium. Some of the well-liked Insurance policies in India are Home Insurance policies, Life Insurance policies, Health Insurance policies and Car Insurance policies etc.

Investments in Gold Deposit Scheme are open with no specific upper limit. The investor can set own to endow minimum of 200 gm in exchange for gold bonds holding a tariff free rate of interest of 3% – 4% on the basis of the period signed with a lock in period of 3 to 7 years. The sum insured can be accrued back in cash or gold, as per the investor’s preference.

Where to Invest Money Wisely in India

Wise Investments Through Deposits

Fixed Deposit is widely sought after as safe investment alternative .The bare minimum possession of FD is 15 days and utmost tenure is 5 years and above. FD accrues near to 9.25% of annual returns for non-senior citizens. Depending on the bank’s tenure and guiding principle. Senior citizens are entitled for exclusive rate of interest on Fixed Deposits; current rate of return is average 10% annual.

Government of India supports National Saving Certificate (NSC) as a secure investment technique with a dead bolt in term of 6 years. National Saving Certificate falls under Section 80C of IT Act .Least amount to be invested is estimated as hundred while there is no maximum limit to this investment. The investor is entitled for the calculated interest of 8% which is forfeited two times in a year.

Look for Stock Market

Before investing in stock market one should be prepared to guess the risk equivalent to totting up the invested money as Indian Stock market is very fluctuating and unpredictable. A smart assortment positioned for long-term growth includes strong stocks from different industries. Investing in share market yields higher profits. Influenced by unpredictable twist of market events, stock market to some extent cannot be considered as the safest investment options. However, to mount up elevated gains, an investor must update himself on the recent stock market reports and events.

Invest Money Wisely in India

Consider Investments in Real Estate

Real estates are real money making industry. Rapid summing of money can be experienced by an investor through real estates. It is the sector which has commercial, housing, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, healthcare etc.. Realty sector of India promises annual profits of 30% to 100% through real estate investments.

Read Wisely Before you Invest

Beside these many investment plans it is too important to be careful in reading all terms and conditions and take wise decision before you invest.

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