5 Easy and Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Boosting your brain power is very much needed especially for children and also for aged people. Memory loss problems are increasing in large numbers than in earlier times. Keep your brain powered to prevent cognitive decline. Here are 5 Easy Ways to boost your Brain Power.

Brain Power #1: Berries for Brain Power
All kinds of berries like blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries are more useful in boosting brain in many ways. Greater amounts of anti-oxidants present in these berries helps in improving brain function. It increases blood supply to the brain and promotes active function of brain. Eating berries every day power up brain cells and cut down risk of Alzheimer diseases. Researchers also concluded that all types of berries have shown greater results in enhancing brain power.

Brain Power #2: Involve Yourself in Home Cleaning
Several Studies conducted in US revealed that people who actively involved in home cleaning works are less suffers of dementia and Alzheimer diseases. Cooking, sweeping, cleaning and other home tasks lowers memory loss risks especially in aging. When you perform such works brain nerves are getting energy to manage their function efficiently. Occupy your little time in these activities everyday for longer years to avoid memory losses in later stages.

5 Easy and Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Brain Power #3: Learn New Languages
Speaking or learning more than two languages will keep up your brain function and also boost brain neurons. Cognitive function gets enhanced as you learn new languages and start speaking. It will protect your brain from cognitive decline. Age doesn’t matter to learn a new language. Learn new language that will feed your brain more energy and prevent memory loss problems.

Brain Power #4: Drink Green Tea Daily
Green tea contains rich nutritional compounds that protect brain cells from damaging. A cup of warm green tea improves your brain nerves and cells functions. When brain cells get damage gradually, memory loss happens more frequent. To guard brain cells and to multiply naturally green tea aids a lot. Children can also drink green tea and take almonds everyday to improve their memory power.



Brain Power #5: Add Broccoli in your Food Diet
Cruciferous vegetable broccoli is filled with special compound called Sulforaphane which has miraculous property. Broccoli is also a best anti-cancer vegetable that kills cancerous cells more effectively. Broccoli stops and avoids brain cell damage which is caused by free radicals. To fight with dementia and Alzheimer diseases broccoli plays very good role.

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