7 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Easy and Fast

Gaining weight by natural food intake is something different from what others ways you follow to put on weight. There are certain foods which can help to gain weight in a healthy way. Eating these foods one can add more pounds to your body in an easy and fast way.

Easy Weight Gaining Food


Protein content is very rich in salmon. It also gives your body more healthy fats combined with the equal amount of protein. So this fat seems to be more healthy and nutritious to health to increase your weight. Daily 2 portions of salmon everyday help more to gain weight.

Peanut Butter

Greasy peanut butter tastes good and also it contains rich nutrients for the body to enjoy good health. Pea-nut butter goes best with breads. Spread soft and mouth-watering peanut butter over the bread and enjoy the delicious food which is loaded with extra proteins. It gains your body extra weight.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are the good sources of all multi-nutrients that feed body perfect nourishment of essential elements needed for good body growth. Good amount of cholesterol and vitamins presents in egg actually helps you to get fat body muscles. Eggs are very economical and it helps to achieve weight gain target on taking one egg on regular basis.


Cheese is the fat, calcium rich food that is the concentrated form of milk. Grate cheese and use it as a topping on your favorite dishes. It not only adds up weight to your body but also dish tastes good and nutritious.


Pasta is one of the favorite meals of younger generation people today. Eating pasta along with added vegetables and other healthy stuffy helps even very skinny becomes fat in a month. This cereal based pasta meal is a calorie rich food that gives body good and healthy weight.


Banana is high calorie content fruit that benefits more for weight gain. They make you feel your stomach full of eating one. One banana contains 100 calories which is equivalent one light meal. So in taking banana is good choice for weight gain.


Potatoes are the best stuff combined with excellent quantity of carbs and complex sugars. Baking potatoes added in curry, or any others dishes will taste good to eat. Add potatoes in your regular diet for healthy weight gain.


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