8 Best Tips for Maintaining Home Air Conditioners (AC)

Air conditioners are the perfect cooling system which is usually kept on for long time in most sophisticated homes to beat off summer weather. Many go for the purchase of new air conditioning system to keep their shelter cool and soothing. On the other side people go in hunt for AC mechanics for repairing their troubling AC. Especially in summer air conditioners (AC) go repair often due to several reasons. Here are few Home Air Conditioner maintenance tips to keep off AC repairs.

Tips to Maintain Air Conditioner

Tip #1: AC system has two major units. One is Condenser which is placed out and another is the evaporator which is placed in the indoor. Both should be maintained clean for the proper functioning and trouble-free of AC.

Tip #2: Outdoor unit (box) which is kept over slab should be kept free from plants, grass and other plastic cover stuffs because airway will be blocked. If the airflow gets distracted AC tends to go repair. Keep the outdoor unit safe and away from other unwanted things.

Tip #3: Air filters are to be checked and changed periodically. Checking air filters once in two months is advisable. Dirt present in the air filters will block air flow and the cooling system of AC will get damaged.

Tip #4: Air temperature should be adjusted as per seasonal changes. If you using in summer you obviously switch to low temperatures. If you need cooling urgently, adjust temperature to low and after you feel enough chillness, again change the temperature to high. Don’t change temperatures to extreme end of low or high. Maintaining temperatures neutrally will not disturb your AC function in any way.

Tip #5: Air blower should be cleaned daily to keep cool air occupied in your home. If you are not able to clean every day, make sure that you remove dirt at least twice a week. Gently wipe blower with clean tissue paper and then switch on air conditioner. Clean the blower part alone without disturbing other parts. Clean only using your hand when AC is not in use. Don’t use vacuum cleansers or any other instruments to clean.

Tip #6: Avoid using fan while AC is switched on. Fan air will blow in all dirt and dust particles into the AC blower. As soon you on the fan when using AC, fan will attract will micro and naked dust substance to settle on the AC inlet. Efficiency of the cooling system will get reduced soon.

Tip #7: Use trusted and branded stabilizer while functioning AC. Using AC without stabilizer will affect all parts of AC and spoil it very soon. As there will be heavy flow of power, condenser will not able to withstand. To regulate flow of current, stabilizer need to be used.

Tip #8: Clean the coil of AC by professionals and get serviced your AC periodically once in 6 months.  Check for humidifiers in AC before you install it in home. Wash window curtains once in week which is hanged in the AC room. Lots of fungus and naked infected particles may settle on it so easily.



    Your tips to maintain A/c is very useful. If your tips along with picture explanation may be very very useful also easy to understand. Please in future add matter with pictures to get easy understand all.

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      Thanks for your comment Mr. Gunasekaran. We’ll try to add more content that would be useful in household maintenance. Thanks

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