A Few Steps to How Write a Resume Effectively

Resume is about advertising yourself within one or two pages. So, when one think about writing a resume, the following has to be questioning among them. How Write a Resume? What are the things I am going to write? What are all my skills?

How to Write Resume Effectively?

How – Write a Resume?

It is very important to be honest while writing a resume since it totally defines you. You can’t lie in your resume as it will destroy your carrier (forever). Write what you are and never try to add extra credit to you. Always remember to tell the truth in your resume.  Before writing your resume, analyze your strengths, weakness and area of expertise. Prefer the job which fits you and make sure that you don’t do anything without your liking. Here are a few things to be considered while writing a resume

  • Skills, Awards and Achievements: Make a good sketch on your skills, awards and achievements. The points you are adding under the above should represent you as the best.
  • You may give topics like “Special Skills”, “Major Achievements”  or “Awards & Achievements” which will best attract the recruiters
  • Give list of your Employment History: You can give heading like “Management Experience”, “Technical Experience”,  “Financial Experience” etc., based on relevancy
  • While writing about your employment history, never forget to mention the company’s address, company’s name, your designation in that company, how long you worked and why you left
  • When giving reasons on why you left your previous job, try to be positive and don’t give negative points about your previous institution as it might give some bad impression about your attitude to the recruiters
  • Education Qualification: While providing your educational qualification, be honest. Never try to give additional qualification which you don’t posses. Add educational qualification only if you have respective certificates.
  • Non-Certified Qualifications: If you have some qualifications without having certificates you can add them under interests.
  • Interests: Don’t write down things that really are not your interest as the interviewers will shoot you with many questions based on this interest and on your habits. So always provide the correct ones.
  • Bullets: Try to list your points in bullets while formatting your resume. Since giving bullets will avoid confusion and make your resume look better
  •  Hobbies: Even if you have silly hobbies don’t try to hide it. Remember, hobbies are not professions. So write the fact when it comes to hobby.
  • Highlight your strengths: Don’t forget to highlight your (mental) strengths
  • Be Positive: Whatever qualifications you posses, never underestimate yourself and be positive always
  • Keep it Simple: Instead of writing pages and pages be clear and concise.
  • Use Symbols: Use symbols like %, &, $ instead of writing it in words
  • Be Short: See to that your resume doesn’t exceed 2 pages. Try to cover everything in 1-2 pages
  • Use Action Words: Use action words like managed, prepared, developed and presented which will make your resume a standard one

Make resume the way it projects your capabilities. In addition to knowing how write resume it is also equally more important to format it decently. Formatting a resume gives a clean look with which it is perfectly read by the interviewer.


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