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The Aakash 2 tablet has been launched finally and is now available on store shelves. It is the Datawind which is manufacturing the Aakash 2 as well which has earlier introduced Aakash. Aakash 2 tablet price has been announced as well. For students, the price of the Aakash Tablet 2 is at Rs. 1,130. Like earlier, the commercial version of this tablet is released as Ubislate 7Ci which is priced at the cost of Rs. 4,499. The features and specifications of Aakash 2 Tablet is far better comparing to its earlier versions. The performance and speed of the Processor, Storage Capacity, Connectivity, Camera, Battery, and other specifications are given below.   (See here for Features of Aakash 1 Tablet PC)

Aakash Tablet 2 Features and Full Specifications

Features of Aakash Tablet 2

Processor: The initial Aakash tablet was introduced with a processor speed of 366MHz which was then improved with a processor speed of 700MHz. Now, the much improved Aakash 2 Tablet PC comes with a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor. The RAM has been doubled as well with 512MB.

Display: As far as the display has been concerned there is no much difference between the initial version other than the size of the screen. The display comes with 7-inch capacitive touchscreen but the resolution remains the same as 480 x 800 pixels.

OS: Aakash 2 tablet comes with the updated OS of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There is a hope that it can be upgraded to Jelly Bean update.

Akash Tablet Release Date

Storage: Competing with other commercial tablets Aakash 2 comes with an inbuilt memory of 4GB. There is an option of expansion up to 32GB to use microSD card and slot is available.

Connectivity: Better connectivity enabled with the availability of Wi-Fi options including support for VoIP calls and mini USB port.

Camera: Aakash 2 comes with a front-facing VGA camera.

Battery: This enhanced version comes with a promising battery life of 4 hours.

Availability: Datawind – the company that manufactures Aakash will supply 1 lakh Aakash 2 tablets to Government of India, MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development). In tandem the Aakash 2 tablets will also be available to students of engineering colleges and universities. Further, it will also be distributed to others.

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Apps: The IIT Bombay with tremendous effort has developed unique applications for engineering students on the Aakash 2 platform. These compelling applications include 3D-modelling, C++ programming, remote and collaborative training applications, robotic control and live assessment tools. Additionally, for hardware testing and logistics the IIT Bombay has also partnered with C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing).

Booking: The Ubislate 7Ci, commercial version of the Aakash 2 is now available for booking. As per the information from Datawind on bookings and delivery, the device will reach the buyer within 48 hours from the time of payment. The Wi-Fi plus GPRS models, namely, 7C+ and 7CZ are also available for pre-order and will begin shipping within 6-8 weeks.

For booking of the commercial version of the Aakash 2 Order here.

The complete speficiations and features of Aakash Tablet 2, both the student’s version and commercial version (Ubislate 7Ci) seems to have better enhancement in technology than its earlier version.

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