Advantages & Benefits of DTH Over Regular Cable TV

Direct to Home television service or direct broadcast satellite service has been noticed there are a number of advantages over regular cable television operation as it brings number of interactive elements in it. As the DTH service is based on satellite there is no boundary of area within the country. With DTH service anybody can get high quality digital signal on the television with no requirement of wires signal like cable TV connection.

Eminence in Quality

The set top box provided by the DTH companies has very good quality of both the firmware & hardware and comes with a 1 year warranty while The set top box of the cable TV operators are not of such a good quality. DTH service providers ensure superior picture quality and its resolution are also fantastic this high-class picture quality cannot be expected from regular cable signal.

Advantages of DTH Over Cable Television

Services and Response

DTH companies provide several services and responses to customer problems & grievances like 24/7 customer cares, toll free customer number, online customer services, direct services to most of the problem within 24hrs. On the other hand, the quality/effectiveness of service & response time varies from one DTH company to another. While the cable TV operators lack such organized service.

Provincial Channels

For those who stay out from their native place DTH pays way for them to watch their regional channels from where they are. DTH provide several provincial channels through subscription. Cable TV operators also provide different regional channels but they are most likely to beam on the local regional channels.


Operations of DTH are more interesting over Digital Cable TV as it brings number of interactive elements in it.

By DTH one can experience the technology through operations like pause, record ,rewind etc., one can pause the screen and can continue after a time or he can record the program to watch later. One can even rewind the screen to watch the previous scenes. It is to be noted that DTH companies provide these services at no extra cost. Regular cable television operations lack such types of elements in them. DTH television service providers also offer a variety of other interactive services like cookery shows, news, stock market information and many other services which cannot be expected from cable televisions

Organizing Cost Effective Packages

DTH companies have their own websites or other services like 24/7 customer cares, toll free customer number, online customer services, direct services to most of the problem within 24hrs which gives you a clear idea of the different package rates & channels included. One can choose their desired package type through these services. Another advantage of DTH is that customers have the convenience of selecting their mode of payments. They have the option of buying a recharge coupon, getting a recharge done from a local dealer or they can simply make online payments. The cable TV operators lack this healthy infrastructure.

DTH Still a Favorable One

Comparison of the DTH over Digital Cable TV would have been incomplete without discussing the other issues that makes DTH a favorable one.

With DTH one can still be able to watch TV even at the time of power cut. DTH service providers beam pictures every sixties in an hour with the help of generators and inverters.

The DTH providers provide relocation services all over India. This helps you to use the same set top box in case you shift from one place to the other.

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