Apple TV Launching in India soon at Rs. 6990

iTunes made its entry to India recently and has been welcomed by the enthusiast largely. With this successful initiative, it is a believed that Apple could launch its Apple TV soon in Indian market. Internet sources reveal that the Apple TV will be launched soon in Indian market at price of Rs. 6990.

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Tech2 (Network 18’s technology media) says in its website that when it has tried to contact Apple for information regarding TV, they couldn’t get any firm confirmation on the date of release nor other information about the release. When they have tried to contact the dealers from grey market, the dealers turned down with answers stating – no Apple TV units are currently available.

It would be a welcoming scenario of the Apple TV gets released in India soon as iTunes has a variety of content that people are very much interested to buy. However, there is a difference between Apple TV and the Apple HDTV or the Apple iTV. These two are entirely different products. An Apple TV can play the contents from iTunes on a HDTV. Earlier this year, Apple has announced its new version from its early one. Still the features and design were the same as its earlier generation Apple TV. The technical change includes a single core A5 processor advancement. Another important change from the previous version is that this supports the playback of 1080p contents from iTunes.

Small Size Apple TV

Recently, Apple has launched its iTunes availability to Indian consumers. Using iTumes, now Indian users using iOS can now go online to purchase books, music and can even rent out movies.

What makes the iTunes stores special is that using it one can purchase tracks for less than $1. Available for as cheap as 99 cents. iTunes took really long time to come to India until recently when hit the Indian markets.

Who can use iTunes stores to make purchases?

Users of Apple devices with iOS such as iPhone, iPad and iPod can now purchase music tracks from domestic and international stores. The cost of a single song costs anywhere between Rs. 7 to Rs. 15 whereas the whole album can be purchased from Rs. 70 onwards. For now the iTunes store has got tracks of Bollywood and Tamil film tracks including international musics as well.

What is iTunes Match Service?

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iTunes Match service has also been launched by Apple. This enables users to store all the music they have purchased even from online markets other than iTunes market, to the cloud for later accessibility. The cost to use this Match service is Rs. 1,200 per year.

How is the Movie Rental on iTunes?

iTunes also offers you to rent out movies rather than purchasing it. For example – if you wish to buy a Bollywood film (HD) which costs you Rs. 300 the same can be rented for a one time view of Rs. 130. Non-HD movies are still cheaper as low as Rs. 190 and the same can be rented out at Rs. 80.

With all these facilities and offers iTunes has opened up in Indian market, it can bind many strong customers through its Apple TV. The launch of Apple TV will be updated as the date and time frame is not yet available.

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