Avoid Foods During Pregnancy Period

Food to avoid during Pregnancy

Being pregnant and carrying a baby is God’s supreme gift to women. It is therefore, our duty to take good care of this wonderful gift bestowed on us. This involves right
eating habits.

When a lady is pregnant, she should eat right, as she eats not only for herself, but also for the life in her womb.

That is why; it is advisable to follow a healthy diet. To fulfill the extra calories that are needed to sustain the pregnancy, certain nutritious food items should be included in the diet; while at the same time, certain foods should be eliminated as they may pose health issues either to the mother or the baby, or both. Hence, it is better to keep aside such foods when you are expecting. Scroll down to read this article and find out the food items that should be avoided when pregnant.

  •  Rare or Raw meat and egg

This food contains a lot of bacteria that may cross the placenta and damage fetus. During pregnancy, there are a lot of metabolic changes occurring in the female’s body, and she is more prone to infection than an average women.

  • Caffeine

It is concluded in many researches that large quantities of caffeine if taken during the pregnancy period can harm the developing fetus. Therefore, excess tea; coffee, carbonated drinks containing caffeine should be strictly prohibited.


  • Seafood high in mercury

Seafood that is rich in mercury like tuna, swordfish, oysters, shell fish, shrimps and smoked seafood should be kept at bay during gestation time as they may cause delay in fetal development and can also harm certain fetal organs like brain.

  • Soft cheese

Soft cheeses are very susceptible to bacterial infection and thus are considered unfit for consumption during pregnancy. The list includes feta, Brie, blue-veined, and Camembert cheeses, and Mexican style cheeses.


  • Unpasteurized milk

Chances of fetal infection and blood poisoning may increase due to consumption of unpasteurized milk. Would be mothers should take pasteurized milk and it needed to be boiled at least once to make it bacteria free.


  • Alcohol

Alcohol consumption should be avoided during pregnancy as it may cross placenta leading to learning and nervous problems, and sometimes may cause miscarriage as well.


  • Deli meat

It is best to stay away from consuming deli meats such as bologna, hotdogs, turkey, etc. as it may cause some serious problems like miscarriage of the fetus.


  • Vitamin A rich food

Foods that are rich in vitamin A, such as liver, can sometimes leads        to birth defects. Such food should therefore be consumed in moderate   amounts.

  • Fatty food items

Food items having high ratio of fats like processed and oily food should be avoided. Instead, healthy food should be incorporated in diet.


In addition to a healthy diet, an expecting woman must also do minor exercises. A healthy diet regimen when combined with regular and minor pregnancy exercises and keeping stress at bay, gives insurance of a healthy mother and baby.

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