Barley Water and Weight Loss Benefits

There are plenty of ways to achieve weight loss target. No other natural way for weight loss will work this safer and effective. It works smarter in making you lose extra pounds than you actually think. Following up simple diet plan along with barley water will result in tremendous weight loss benefits.

Barley Water and Weight Loss Benefits

Losing weight by barley water is not new attempt to start with. It is the great golden technique used in our ancestor’s times. Barley is the powerful nutrient filled cereal that serves more benefits for the body to stay fit and fine. It also costs cheap and renders vital health value to the body.

Drinking barley water instead of plain water keeps your whole system healthy and regulates metabolic activities. Consuming more barley water, more you urinate frequently which in turn flushes out toxins from the body and also cleanses kidney well. Especially in summers, drinking barley water offers amazing benefits as it reduces body heat drastically. Barley cereal is well known for its cooling property. It also aid for heart burning sensations and urinary infections.

Barley seeds have more health nourishing nutrients that strengthens body’s immune system which prevents diseases caused during summer seasons due to over body heat. It greatly helps for pregnant women to get their body re-stored with lot of water content. Active fibers and other multi-nutrients present in barley cereal awesomely work for weight loss in a natural way. It cuts down unwanted bad fats from the body and clears up over-eating food habits. Here is how to prepare barley water for weight loss.

Preparation of Barley Water:

  • Barley cereal should be cleaned well by eliminating stones and gruels.
  • Wash the barley seeds well for 2-3 times.
  • Add little amount (2 tsp) of barley to 1 liter of pure drinking water.
  • Boil the water well until water comes to ½ a liter.
  • Switch off the stove and allow it to cool for some time.
  • Fill barley water into your pet bottle.
  • Consume it throughout the day to enjoy the fullest of barley water benefits.

In the recent Study conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that barley cereals has cholesterol lowering and weight loss effects.

Sipping barley water is the best way to beat off summer and to keep oneself healthily fit. Drinking hot barley water after every meal is suggested. People those who don’t enjoy the natural flavor of barley can add up few drops of lemon juice to taste it better. However, citric acid in lemon is also a effective weight loss contributor. Regular consumption of barley water will provide evident results of weight loss.

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