Best Interview Answers: “Reason to Leave the Previous Company”

Interviews are always challenging than the job for which we are going to be appointed for (in case if we get selected). Best interview answers at times seem to be simple later when we are out of the cabin however only the satisfying answers win the game. Especially, if you are on your second job or if you are in the interview chair for a better job from the earlier one, you will have to face one of the toughest questions from an interviewer. The challenging question will be either, “Why did you leave your previous job?” or “What is the reason to leave your previous company?

How to Handle Tough Interview Questions


Best Interview Answers for Tough Questions

You should be really careful in answering this question as from a company’s point of view or from an interviewer’s point of view, more than your skills and talents it is your commitment and longevity that is considered to be the strength to have you in their concern. Though you possess all the skills to accomplish an assignment given to you, it is the prolonged existence and commitment that would benefit the post you would hold.

Here are the best interview answers that you can say for the above question which will not damage your genuineness. These answers would probably convince the interviewer.

  • 1. You say as, “No opportunity for advancement in the previous company”. In detail you can you put it this way – I couldn’t be promoted or there were no challenging positions.
  • 2. Another option would be to say, “No room for growth”. This answer can be said this way, “I was learning more and becoming more efficient at that position and was outgrowing it”
  • 3. Seasonal – The job or the position you were handling would had been a seasonal one which you cannot rely on for long-run. In detail, the best answer also would be based on the incentive. If your pay in only based on the incentive and you cannot expect a decent income every month then that is considered to be a seasonal income.
  • 4. If you have a career-oriented attitude, your answer can also be, “Looking to move closer to career goals”. Otherwise, in detail, you could also put your answer across this way – “This was a position to increase my knowledge in the workforce, but now I would like to start working in a field that is closer to my career”
  • 5. This would not be the best from the above answers but if the situation persists and only it is the reality that you have faced, this answer also can be explained – “Distracting conflicts between management and employees”. Again – Use this only if you had to leave for a bad reason. Just say management was disrespectful or it wasn’t an encouraging environment.
  • 6. The last answer could be, “Pay did not equal my ability or experience”
    These could be a few genuine answers and are common ones that an interviewer can understand. However, be sure that you need to justify these answers when the details are being asked.
  • The first answer above is the most general and easiest to say.

    During your interview, one should NEVER say the following answer:

  • I did not like the people there.
  • I hated my manager or boss.
  • The job was tedious or boring.
  • On the whole, don’t bad mouth the previous employer or speak in a destructive manner. Use these best Interview answers and tips to answer the toughest question – “Reason to Leave the Previous Company”

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