Building a House? How to Choose Paint Colors for Home?

If you are constructing your new house or renovating your old house or just going to choose a paint for your interior purposes, it is necessary to learn a few things about how to choose a paint and pick a color that matches your purpose. Paints are coatings that are applied over metals, wood, plaster, concrete, etc. More than just color you need to stick on the quality too. It’s a protection against the elements and also to give a good appearance.

Choosing Paints and Colors for Home

How to Choose Paint Color for your Home?

When you are using the paint on walls, new woodwork, wall surfaces, plastered surfaces or on new steel work it should be chosen with the following qualities to keep them as new as they are to the maximum of the possibility.

What should be the functions of paint?

    • It should have good body, that is high connecting power
    • It should have good fluidity to spread evenly in a thin coat with the brush.
    • It should dry fairly quickly and appear uniform.
    • It should not show brush marks when dry.
    • It should not crack in drying.
    • The colour should not fade or change under atmospheric actions.
    • It should be rough and durable.

How to Choose from Different Types of Paint

Cutter cookie homeThe commonly used paints in building constructions are the following:

  • Oil Paints: These are the earliest types of paints. They have a base, oil vehicle or binder and thinner or solvent.Enamel Paints: These are solvent-based coatings which are based on synthetic alkyl resins and have a higher level of gloss than ordinary paints. They are ready to use paints as they don’t require oil, turpentine, driers, grinding or mixing. They combine the function of paint and varnish.Enamel painted surfaces are washable and are not affected steam, acids, alkales or fumes of gases.Emulsion: These are water based coatings used for walls with finishes ranging from mat to sheer. They are usually used in interiors because of the smooth finish they impart to surfaces. Textured emulsions are also used for the outside of buildings. They are washable.

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  • Distemper: These are cheap water paints applied to plastered surfaces. They are the lower grade of wall paints next to color washing. They contain powdered chalk as base along with other binders. The two classes of distempers are dry distemper and oil bound distemper.Cement Paints: White cement is the common base of cement paints. It is a water-dilutable paint. It is mainly applied on brick and cement surface and resists the penetration of moisture.Aluminum Paints: This paint is made by holding in suspension aluminum powder and binding it by either quick drying sprit and slow-drying oil or varnish. They are used to paint gas tanks, hot water pipes, radiators etc.Bituminous Paints: These are made from vegetable bitumen, asphalt and mineral pitches dissolved in paraffin, petroleum or naptha, various oils etc. They also made from the products of coal and other mineral oils. They are best suited for painting iron work fixed under water.
  • Plastic Paints: These paints are widely used for theatre decoration . This liquefies when agitated and reverts to a rigid jelly when allowed to come to rest. It is applied with a brush or by spraying.How to choose good Varnishes?

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  • Varnish is a solution of resins or resinous substances like lac, copal in oil, turpentine or alcohol. When applied on a surface, the varnish dries either by evaporation or by chemical reaction thus leaving a hard, transparent, glossy film which is resistant to air and water. Characteristics of a good varnish:
  • They should dry rapidly
  • Should form a hard, tough and durable film
  • Should retain color and give good gloss.
  • Should possess resistance to weathering
  • Should be uniform and pleasing when dry and should not shrink or show cracks.
  • When making your house, paint has equal importance to the look and quality of your house like the cement and bricks by knowing how to choose best paint colors for your home. Both varnish and the paint should be chosen from good quality. Colour of the paint can be of your choice but the durability of the paint on your walls and furniture are warriors to save them for years. When starting to build your house, give maximum importance to the above factors by choosing the right ones.

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